Erik Lobeck calls in from Salida

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Hi it’s Erik Lobeck Calling in from Salida Colorado, successfully over the first of the two passes of the day.  Sunny Colorado is non-existent though; Marshall pass looks like it is pounding rain. So yet another day of riding in rain.  Yesterday was an early to quit day because we were surrounded by lightning down in Como which is in South park Colorado so the group that we are riding with, which we affectionately call the Peloton decided to call a truce so we pulled into a Bed and Breakfast and had an early night of it and probably we all got the most sleep we have had since the race start.  But that was a good move the roads were dry this morning or somewhat dry and we weren’t surrounded by lightning.  We will have to see what happens with the rest of the race.  I’m at the bike shop here having some sealant filled tubes put in my bicycle tires in preparation for New Mexico; land of thorns is what I hear. So I guess that is still a few days away but I am getting ready for it. That’s it, bye.


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