And the winner is...???

Kurt? Jefe? Paul? Jefe? Kurt?...

Less than a couple of hours to go and I guess it looks like Kurt, Jefe, Paul (Molly, my eight year old, agrees, unless they fall off and hurt themselves or their bikes break - I had a puncture with ten miles to go, so she's a wise head on young shoulders). A fantasitc effort and fantastically close race - bang goes doing anything constructive away from the computer for the rest of the day.

While you're all glued to the blue dots, have a think about this message from Eric Bruntjen, posted on the race forum:

An Important Announcement

Yesterday I was contacted by a fan of the Tour Divide Race who has offered up a Cordillera sales matching challenge to the entire Bikepacking community!

For every Cordillera Volume 2 sold from now until the day that Justin Simoni reaches Antelope Wells (or quits) the donor will make an equal donation to Linnaea Blumenthal's college fund. He's matching the full $15 purchase price for each book sold!

This is incredible! Now, thanks to this generous match over $21 from each and every Cordillera Volume 2 sold will go directly into Linnaea Blumenthal's college 529 savings plan.

There is no maximum donation. The donor is prepared to lay out some serious cash to help Linnaea but he's challenging all of us pull a little harder too. So please everyone, even if you have purchased a copy of the Cordillera please buy another copy or two. They make great gifts and have been getting terrific reviews so I know your friends and family will want their own copy.

If you don't know about the Cordillera Volume 2 check out this thread:,2096.0.html

Purchase your copy here:

Thanks everyone and please help spread the word via Facebook, blogs, club emails, etc.  

Go Kurt, JB, Caroline, Norb, JP, and everyone else. I'll not be getting any yard work done today.

Eric -editor

Get buying...




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