Alan Goldsmith

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Alan calls fro Lima

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Hi, this is Alan Goldsmith. I'm in Lima, it's 10 o'clock. Big day from Wise River. Pretty warm compared to yesterday. Yesterday after we left Butte it rained for a few hours and the trails turned to soft, draggy mud. So that was a long way over from Butte to Wise River. I was pretty wrecked at the end of that. But today was much easier, I just rode at my own pace, got here for 7.30, had dinner, got some stuff and ready to go for tomorrow. There's seven of us here at the moment, so, big crowd and there's rumours that Steve, Justin and Josh aren't far away as well. One guy who stayed where they stayed last night is here, so, it's possible... that'll make ten. Big party. OK, so heading into Idaho tomorrow and that'll be Montana. Bye.

Alan calls from Butte

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Hi this is Alan Goldsmith calling from Butte, Montana. Just re-supplying at the Outdoorsman and the gas station next door. It’s ten 'til one, we’ve just come in from Basin where we had breakfast, and last night we stayed up at Park Lake Campground, which is very beautiful, and closed, so we were the only ones there. Yesterday we came across from Ovando. Tough, but beautiful. And the day before you may have thought I spent the day in bed, but the batteries on my SPOT died. So we went from Big Fork to Ovando over Richmond Peak, which was snowy, but not nearly as snowy as last year, about half as much, and the scary bits weren’t scary. (Big truck just arrived.)
Um, we’re off to try and get to Wise River now. And. Yeah. ‘We’ is John Fettis, who I’ve been pretty much riding with on-and-off all the time, and we linked up with Kevin Dean, nice guy from California, History teacher, we caught up with him yesterday and we’ve been together since. Anyway, it’s a great trip! No worse for being the second time out. Everything I expected, and going a little bit quicker, so all good! Bye!

Alan from Big Fork

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Hi, it’s Alan Goldsmith
It’s just gone 9, on Sunday. Been going for three days. It’s been pretty good. Day one was pretty straight forward to Elkford. Rode that with John and Steve. And day two was pretty huge! Saturday through the Flathead Valley, really spectacular. I rode that with John and the German guy who would be awesomeif someone was to sponsor him and give him a light bike. He’s riding a 400euro bike which is falling apart beneath him, but very good climbing despite having a load of stuff on the back!
And today we’ve come from Eureka to Big Fork, Montana, which is just off the route, two miles south off the route. So all going well. It was very hot today, I think maybe 90 even. Definitely in the 80’s, so I don’t know what’s going to happen when we get further south!! OK, Bye!!