Erik Lobeck

Erik calls from Sparwood

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Hi it’s Erik Lobeck Calling in its 9:35 am. I’m in Sparwood ready to head out into the big unknown of the re-rout section thru the petting zoo and the Serengeti of North America, which is a little daunting at this point.  Anyway I felt great yesterday I got in pretty early. Hoping to get to where I am now, last night but that wasn’t happening I need some more food.  This morning feeling a little nauseous having a hard time dealing with keeping food down but hopefully that will go away.  Anyway that is all I have to report for now saw maybe 3 grizzlys total and one black bear and some mountain rams I guess is what they are called mountain goats no not mountain goats, rams. I don’t know.  Anyway I am rambling now so I am going to hang up. Bye.