Adrian Stingaciu gives a ride to a Dragonfly

Racer update about:
Hi this is Adrian Stingaciu calling in from Sargents, CO on Monday, June 30th at 12:36 p.m. Yesterday, I has a phenomenal day. My best day ever. Started out near (not sure exactly). Woke up next to the bike path there in about 39 degree Fahrenheit. Rode through the morning through a couple of towns there. Climbed up to Boreas Pass with a guy I met on the road, Todd. We descended down to Como together and got something to eat there. After that I pushed on. Got caught in a very superb thunderstorm with lots of hail. As I was riding through the thunderstorm, I noticed something hanging off my hat. I thought my hat was falling apart cause everything has been falling apart at the seams, my shorts, my gloves and I thought my hat was falling apart too. As I looked cross-eyed, I noticed that there was a dragonfly hanging off my hat bill trying to get out of the rain. Really special day. Moments like that I am reminded that all life is just as important as my own. All life is precious. All life is sacred. I was able to get out of the storm when I jumped over a fence and went into private property and went into a barn. The dragonfly dried off its wings. I dried off my jacket. An hour later I was back on the road. Went to Salida. I descended into Salida at night just in time to order some spaghetti with marina before the kitchen closed. Unfortunately, they made it with cheese and I refused to eat it. Even I have principles. I ended up just getting 3 loaves of bread from Safeway. Ate a loaf and half last night for dinner and another loaf and half this morning for breakfast. Push on now, looks like thunderstorms are building up again, but I don’t think they’ll get me today. Good luck to everybody else. Lots of love and hugs for everyone back home. (recorder time: 2008-06-30 13:38:34 EST)


Life is Good

Adrian, This is Marie, Mary Colliers mom. Just wanted you to know I appreciate someone who loves life and drangonflies. To be able to endure and love our environment no matter how kind or harsh is awesome. Good luck and God Bless.

The 3 Loaves of Bread

Was the break cooked? Remember those principles, Man!

Glad you're having fun, and we look forward to all the photos. You took a camera, right?

Love the attitude of gratitude

The theme of your attitude of gratitude has really surfaced in your call-in's. I have to wonder if that in part has gotten you this far. It sure doesn't sound like real well rounded nutrition is a part of the game plan, but not being a vegan myself I wouldn't know. I sure appreciate your ability to hold to principles when mere survival may be at the forefront of many a Tour Divide Riders mind. Wishing you continued gratitude and all the life energy you need to complete the tour.

sorry to hear about the

sorry to hear about the spaghetti; next time order just the noddles - any sauce on the side - please.

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