Alan Goldsmith and his Amigos are Shut Out in Pie Town

Racer update about:
Hi this is Alan its 23 minutes past 9 on Saturday, the 5th. I’m at the Beaverhead Work Center camping on their lawn with Dominik, Leighton and Adrian. We came over from 20 miles north of Pie Town. Our big plan for breakfast in Pie Town was shot to pieces when it was shut. The PieO’Neer didn’t open until 11 and we were there at 7:30 and the other one, The Daily Pie, was shut for the Holiday. The toaster house was locked and the woman was away. So pretty disappointing with Pie Town. It was about the only town in America that we’ve been through that we didn’t have Pie. SO BOO! We carried on thinking there was groceries and gas station at the intersection with Hwy 12 which is shown on the new ACA maps as gas station and groceries and that wasn’t there so 3 of us had to detour to a town called Aragon to the shop. Adrian carried on because he had enough bird seed to keep him going for the day. It was a good trip across that. Stayed cool luckily. Pretty canyon along the way. Tomorrow, we are going to try to get a really early start, get to Silver City as early as possible, have a proper meal, hopefully an American Breakfast, an all day Breakfast. We haven’t had a Breakfast since CO and I’m missing it. Then we are going to head out and try to get down the road as far as possible and finish this thing up Monday morning. That’s the plan. OK, Good night. Bye (recorder time: 2008-07-05 22:26:49 EST)


No More Pies!

Oh no!!!
'No Pies' has spread from Cumbria to New Mexico!!!

I bet they didn't have aubergines either!

Keep the pedals turning, we'll see you next weekend! Fancy a bike ride?
Sarah and Jessie and Floyd
XXx (big lick from Floyd!!)(he's a dog- for those who don't know!!)

Three Amigos

I hope you three are having as much fun as the three in the movie! You guys seem to be spurring on another on. Looks like you'll hit "pay dirt tomorrow around noon. Stay safe and God's protection and speed!

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