Alan Goldsmith closing in on New Mexico

Racer update about:
Morning its Alan calling in from Skyline Lodge in Platoro. Just had breakfast here after another chilly night out in the hills. I think we were up above 10,000 feet again at Stunner campground. They really looked out after us here. They’ve got a score sheet of who is coming through when. We are still third but Ardie is getting further away and Matt’s history. Anyway we got over the hill yesterday without being struck by lightening. It didn’t really rain on us too much either. Apparently, it really rained on this side so it was a good job we weren’t over here. We were going slow for a reason. We are off to Horca today for a second breakfast or early lunch. We will try to get some miles in between breakfast and lunch today. Then up over Brazos Ridge and we’ll see how far we can get. We need to get some kit dried out before we camp again. It looks awfully wet now. We’ll probably lay it out in the sun in Horca. See if we get some offers for our stuff. Maybe give up, drive down to Mexico. No, we are nearly there now. New Mexico later this morning. Talk to you later. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-01 08:59:04 EST)


WooHOoo!!! New Mexico!!!!!

Nearly there. Keep it going, and keep eating lots.
'Pie Town' is not too far, lets hope they don't have the Cleator Moor 'no more pies' sign outside!!
Stay safe!

Lots of Love Sarah and Jess and Floyd

Who ate all the pies

Good on you Bruce.....Awesome your efforts have definitely been; as for the pies,give em a miss, you'll end up like moi !!

Bon Chance,

Fatty Findlay.

Final push

You're doing brilliantly mate - dump the kit and ride non'll catch ML on the line. Alternatively, stop 1m before the line and call it quits - it's not about the race.



Keep on Rockin Alan

Inspirational stuff Alan. Have enjoyed reading your reports. Enjoy the rest of your ride.

John Fettis

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