Alan Goldsmith Finishes at 9:00 AM, Monday, July 7th

Racer update about:
Hi this is Alan Goldsmith. I am sitting in the Border Station at Antelope Wells. It is done. We rolled over the border about 9 o’clock this morning. Me, Dominik, Leighton and Adrian. We put in a big day yesterday and pushed through the desert late into the night. Slept in the yard of the old Catholic Church in Hathicta. Set out at first light this morning with a good tailwind. Arrived here about 9 o’clock. So that’s that. What do we do now? It has been an amazing experience. Anyone with a bike who likes the outdoors should do this trail. Maybe not the race, but they should do it. Its awesome. Don’t really know what to say. Thank you to everyone we met along the way. We’ve met some really good people. Its all be good experiences. Nothing bad. Totally, totally enjoyable. We are going to get a lift back to Silver City with Leighton’s girl friend. She is going to be arriving soon with a truck full of beer, and fruit and good things. If anyone is going from Silver City to Phoenix tomorrow, I could do with a ride. I’ve got to catch a plane at 8 o’clock in the evening. Maybe I’ll call back with an number once I’m in hotel. It’s been emotional. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-07 10:37:48 EST)



Well done Alan . Top ride, top result and so so glad you had a safe and a great time.
Looking forward to catching up when you get back.
Enjoy the recovery

Contratulations #2

Well done Alan . Top ride, top result and so so glad you had a safe and a great time.
Looking forward to catching up when you get back.
Enjoy the recovery Bruce

Well done Alan!!

Well done Alan!! Congratulations on finishing.

Must be time for hot tub and PIZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Job well done, Alan.

Job well done, Alan. Congratulations, and I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

Well done to Alan, Dominick,

Well done to Alan, Dominick, Leighton and Adrian. It's felt like a tough race from my desk so goodness knows what it felt like for you.

Good to see another veteran Brit completing the course.

Well Done!

Great job, Alan, you did a fantastic ride. Hope you get a lift and get home OK. All the best

Amazing ride!

Thanks for all the call-in updates, it was cool to follow you guys adventures. I can’t wait to get out there my self, in September. Have a good trip back.


We have been tracking you throughout Alan. An outstanding achievement by any standard. Congratulations

Well done amigo!

Congratulations Alan, I really enjoyed your call-ins.

It sounds as if you found what you were looking for.

All the best. Flip-Flop.

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