Alan Goldsmith Making Bets on Next Year's Race

Racer update about:
Hi this is Alan. It 4:30 on the 3rd of July. I'm Cuba. We came over from Abiquiu this morning. We left at 5 o'clock, the four of us. Me, Dominik, Adrian (who showed up at 11) and Leighton. It was a bit of surprised to see Adrian after all these days, weeks. He wanted to get into bed with me without a shower. He hadn't had a shower in two weeks, but I have standards so I made him shower. We came over the hill which was a very nice ride. We got breakfast and then moved to the smart end of town and had lunch. We sat out a monster storm which is now pasing through. I think we are going to try to get a way down to Grants now. I guess we won't be taking the off-road official route since its pretty wet around and dangerous out there. I guess Matt Lee is finished now and probably Ardie is not too far off. I'll get him next year though. Happy Fourth of July. (recorder time: 2008-07-03 17:28:22 EST)


Hi Alan

Hi Alan - thanks for calling in with the positive update! It's great to see the four blue dots cruising across New Mexico together. I hope the weather holds out for you and that your trip to the finish line is smooth and fast! Good call on the shower - standerds are standerds!

(Leighton's girlfriend)

Main route from Cuba to Grants

If you really want to do that section I'd be happy to take you through it after the race. Most of the problems are in the afternoon and evening. You can usually get through if you leave early in the morning. Nevertheless, we should allow an extra day or two in case we get bogged down in the mud. When it is wet the baby powder soil turns to sticky baby poop and clogs everything. It is great for making adobe bricks though. Have you ever ridden an adobe brick? That is what your bike will look and feel like. Ride On! Have a great ride in New Mexico!!

P.S. Oh no! Not another tricky math problem before I can post? Does anyone have a calculator? I just write: "the squart root of pi" for everything, and so far, so good.

P.S.S. Just out of curiosity - did the little mouse get into the room while Dominik and I were outside working on his bike? He sure was persistent. Did I mention the hantavirus and the plague they carry? New Mexico - land of the flea, and home of the plague - it is true. Where are the doggone rattlesnakes when you need them?

P.S.S.S. I am sure David Blaine (a GDR racer with a very high fever) got checked out for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (ticks) while he was in the hospital in Colorado, but people from other places sometimes have their flu-like symptoms misdiagnosed when they return home. If you get real sick in the next 10 days or so, be sure to tell your doctor where you have been. If they miss the diagnosis and don't initiate the proper treatment plan you can die pretty quickly.

Hi Alan, Well done Alan,

Hi Alan,

Well done Alan, nearly there.Looking forward to seeing the pics and hear you stories next week.
Hot tubs, party,58 mile days maybe I could do it.
Eain said he would have a shower too before you arrive home.

Alan--Next year?

Outside of Lakeview MT, Alan told me that he'd "see me next year!" I figured he was joking around, I guess he's getting serious about giving it another attempt next year... crazy Brit!

Good luck surviving the storms.

Enjoy the Gila

Hi Alan

You're gonna hit the Gila wilderness soon. The vision of Aldo Leopold can be felt in this very special place. Savour the moment as it will soon be over.

Been follwoing your progression and think you might beat my vets record time - good luck and watch out for the Gila Monsters (don't let them bite you but if they do cut off thier bodies and their jaw will unlock after a wee while) and Road Runners



Hi Alan,

Not far now. Great to hear you are having so much fun that you are already talking about next year! Is this to become a regular like the Grand Raid?

Take care on the rest of the route.


You kept this one well quiet saann

Hello Cycle dude

Looks like you are over the mountains and well on your way to the end.

Next year I have a good one for you ... someone told me today that there is a 60 day (20day for you) trek through the swiss alps (biking of course) ... starting from somewhere near Austria ...... May be you done it already??

Any how ... good luck with the rest and hope to see you soon .... soon to see you ... :-)


Alan's Spot

Just an FYI. Although it looks like Alan has fell back from Dominik and gang, I just checked the main spot page and he's SPOT hasn't updated for last hour while the other 3 riders have. It may have fell down in his pack or accidently been shut off. So he may be with the gang or he may not. I'll keep checking to see if his SPOT starts to track again and if not, we'll record a message for him to reset. Sherry O.

Its working again

Alan's spot is working again.


I can see it now,
Either going to be a sprint finish for the border post, or 4 riders shoulder to shoulder appearing out of the dust!!
Hope the film crew will still be around for that!!
Go Alan (and Dominik! and Leighton! and Adrian!)
Don't let Adrian eat all your pizza, make him admit that supervegan is in need of cheese! And get his own!!
Lots of Love
Sarah, Jess and Floyd XX

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