Alan Goldsmith needs a Ride

Racer update about:
Hi this is Alan Goldsmith again. We are still at Antelope Wells. We are just loading up the sports mobile with all the bikes and stuff before we head back to Silver City. If anyone can give me a ride tomorrow from Silver City from Phoenix, I need to be there by 5PM. Can you contact me on Valerie’s cell phone. She is Leigthon’s girlfriend. She is giving us the ride back to Silver City. The # is 970 819 0873. Ok, that would be great. I still can’t believe I’ve done it. I feel so good. Bye.


Alan Goldsmith, Steve Wilkinson, Bruce Dinsmore

Congrats to you and your amigos! And thanks for the graceful British presence.

hey, don't forget perhaps

hey, don't forget perhaps the most graceful of them all, Mr Matt Kemp


Hi, congratulations to you Alan and your new found team mates. Well done, what a brilliant finish. Hope you get your lift back. Will call you when we get back off our holidays.

WELL DONE and excellent that it was all good experience and no bad ones.



Alan Congratulations, we

Congratulations, we were the four bikers that you met just before Indiana Pass. Great job, I know that was a tough climb.


Good on you all!
What a lovely way to finish. Just goes to show that after being in the saddle for that long, it must be hard to see it as a race against each other. Hard won by all of you! Well done!

Stay on I-10 (Lordsburg)

Alan, Don't go to Silver! Stay in Lordsburg and catch the Greyhound to Phoenix. It's most simple. Last year Jay P used watermelon boxes from the grocery store and cobbled them together to make a bike box.

That said, if you have time to hang out in Silver it's awesome. Hit the Grinder Mill for town's best burritos.


Ride your bike to Tucson!

It's only another 250 miles or so!

Come on man, you can do it!


Yeah, I'm just kidding.


We all told him not to go to Silver. I even called him up on route, but would he listen. No. He just kept talking about how comfy the seats were in the car, and the free food and beer.

What with all the nice motels, hot tubs, and half days he'd been having, I'm surprised he'd missed those luxuries. ;-)

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