Alan Goldsmith Onward towards Mexico Border

Racer update about:
Hi its Sunday the 6th of July, 5 to 6 in the evening. We are in Silver City. Just been to the supermarket and loaded up with supplies for the final stretch down to Antelope Wells. We are going try to do as much in the dark as we can. Maybe catch a couple hours sleep and try to get there before mid-day tomorrow. I’m still with Dominik, Leighton and Adrian. If you haven’t guess, we planned to finish together and further the cause of the United Nations ____ Team. Today was a beautiful day through the Gila. Really nice stretch from Beaverhead Work Station. Very spectacular. Unexpected for me. Hopefully talk to you tomorrow. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-06 18:57:08 EST)


The united nations team


Thought you'd got lost

Your track had separated from the others last night - must have been an old one. Go on, mate. I hope that the last day is good - See you soon?



one day to go, make sure you

one day to go, make sure you enjoy it. Remember all that sprint training with simon in the alpes might be needed at the border if you are all still together.

still places open for iron bike next week if you want :-)



Superb effort, sounds as though there will be many more hols like this !

Bon Chance for the last few miles.


Ahhhh the Gila

So glad you like the Gila - it was my top part of the route.

Enjoy the last stretch and watch out for the snakes and tarantulas on the trail

So glad you're all going to finish in =3rd place

Enjoy the cakes and recovery


Hi Al,

We are so hooked on following your 4-man team finish that we are logged on from the Hotel in Lenk on our holidays!!! Will keep checking until we see you all finish, in a row across the finish line!! You have done so well, joint third coming up. Can't wait to see the photos and hear about it in person when you come to Switzerland. Bet you have made some new great friends with the added bonus of an adventure shared.

Well done to you all, a brilliant achievement.

Lots of love

Good luck with the final leg

Good luck with the final leg Alan.

Looking forward to see that you have finished so I can join in the post race celebrations, remotely from the UK with a cake.

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