Alan Goldsmith Says "Two Meals are Better than One"

Hi this is Alan Goldsmith. Its 20 past 1 on Monday and we are in Del Norte. We just had a big feed at the Organic Peddler. Stop there. Its just on the way out of town. Its a different world. Very good. I think we just spent 50 bucks each, on breakfast, lunch, sandwiches to go, plus some trail food. I don't think they could quite believe it. Anyway, it was a long morning, 63 miles before breakfast, but no miles between breakfast and lunch. You win some and loose some. We were on Cochetopa Pass last night, up at 10,000 feet. Beautiful campground but unfortunately it rained. Bit nippy this morning. Good to have a downhill to start with for once. Now, we've got a big uphill. Indiana Pass. Which I guess it is the highest pass of the trip. It looks like there is a big old storm brewing as is usual in the afternoon. I guess we’ll have the obligatory headwind as well. I think we are looking to make it up to the cabins that way on Ellwood on the top of Indiana. Who knows what might happen. Looks like there might be a bit of sitting around waiting for it to stop lighting on us. Ok, bye. (recorder time: 2008-06-30 14:22:28 EST)


I agree

Funning thing is that last year when Ardie and I rode the trail last year, we did the same thing. We arrived at 10:30 and ate breakfast, went grocery shopping, then came back at 11:30 and ate lunch before heading out of town. Just as we started up Indiana Pass it started to rain, then hail. Guess some things don't change. Sherry O.


Press clippings of your help with the motorist who decided to take the scenic route over a cliff were on the noticeboard...hero's the pair of you.Dunc at work wants to know the significance of Dominik's tassles on the handlebars !....keep up the hard cycling. All the best, Fattie Findlay.

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