Alan Goldsmith's TD Party in Abiquiu

Racer update about:
Hi this is Alan, Tour Divide Racer # 5. Its 20 after 9 on Wednesday evening, the 2nd of July. I’m in Abiquiu at the Abiquiu Inn. I’m with Dominik and Leighton. He caught us up. We sorta had a short day, a very short day, a 12 o’clock finish. I’ve had three meals. A lot of water and I’m ready to go. The strategy is to leave early, get over the last big hill, rest up in Cuba for a little bit then head out in the cool of the evening into the desert night. Today was easy about 58 miles to year. Yesterday was tough over Brazos Ridge, thunder and lightening. I actually got off my bike and lay on the ground at one point. Maybe I was overreacting but I thought I could feel the air tingling. Prior to that we met the Webe family who seemed to be really happy to meet us. They took our photo, gave us a few snacks. I think we made their week and they made my day. Its good to meet people who are interested. Last night we camped at the Hopewell Lake Campground. They were good to us. They gave us some coke when we got there. So its all good stuff.. I had dinner with John Nobile who is leading the Great Divide race. He is nearly on record breaking schedule but needs to really go for it now to match JP’s time. He is planning to get up at 2, I think. The film guy from Britain, Gerald, is here to. So it was a bit party tonight in the restaurant. All good. Anyway, talk to you from Cuba or Grants, somewhere down the road. (recorder time: 2008-07-02 22:26:51 EST)


Party ?

Party ? party ?....what kind of holiday do you think this is ??!!!!!

all work no joy....making up for it now.....have a good time Alan....your determination and attitude puts me to shame.Good luck for the last leg of the trip.

Au revoir,



A 12 O'Clock finish? Hot Tubs? No wonder you've been caught. Now get on with it you great Jessie.


Hi Alan,

Sounds like you are having a ball. Good to have a shorter day and ready for an early start. Its brilliant following the race and to see how everyone is doing. Sounds like you are all becoming part of a big family. Nice to hear that other people are interested outside of the race and kind to you. Fabulous thing to be doing. Congratulations to you all for getting so far and hope you all make it to the finish. Pleased so many people rallied round to get Dominik a new wheel, PHEW.

Look forward to catching up when you are back in Europe.

Lots of love

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