Ardie Olson fights a Headwind into Del Norte, CO

Racer update about:
Hey this is Ardie Olson and it is Saturday, June 28 9:36pm. I am in Del Norte, CO. Had good day except for the last 20 miles I got a headwind coming on so it put me into Del Norte kinda late. I'm here, got something to eat, everything is good. Looks like I'll head out early in the morning and try to take on the big Indiana Pass and see how that goes. Hope everybody else is doing well. Again this is Ardie Olson (recorder time: 2008-06-28 22:38:33 EST)


cheering you on...

Good luck Ardie - I watched you with Rob Howell during PQ Utah. I'm blown away by you guys and your toughness. All the best as you make your way to the finish.
-John Karry, Atlanta GA

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