Ardie Olson had Hail, Rain, Snow and Mud on the Way to Abiquiu

Racer update about:
Hey this is Ardie Olson. I'm calling from the payphone here in Abiquiu at the Hotel. It is Monday, June 30th, 5:50 p.m. Everything is going pretty good. I think Mother Nature is winning most of this race. Yesterday, after my call in when I was in Platoro it started hailing, marble size hail, but luckily I was inside. It hailed enough to cover the ground, it looked white like snow, then it rained for 30 minutes. The road out of Platoro was a little muddy. Once I got into New Mexico, the roads were mess. The mud was like glue. It stuck to my tires. So I had to push 3-4 miles until I finally got to the ridge line that I was trying to get to and it was 10 o'clock so I camped out. Then got up this morning and things were a little bit better. At least I could ride. Did have a little bit of snow that I had to push through, not very much, where it covered the road in a few places. Other than that the day was going pretty good. Now coming into El Rito, I was trying to out run a thunderstorm before I got into mud again. So I beat that and got to the hard road and got to the store. The storm caught me on the way to Abiquiu. Now I'm at the hotel. I guess I'll get something to eat here. If it lets up or doesn't come all the way through Abiquiu here and mess up the roads, I'll head out again and I'll try to put a few more miles in today before calling it quits. Everything is going ok. Its a tough race. That is for sure. Again, this is Ardie Olson, bye.



Ardie, you are one tough customer!!!! Nothing stops you - you just keep on coming. We are VERY proud of you, AS ALWAYS. You never fail to deliver!!
Love Mom and the Crackers in Brooksville, Florida.

Always a Winner

Lots of people can be good even great at one thing, but you are great at everything you do. Biking, hiking, paddling, riding motorcycles, riding horses (which came in handy in Primal Quest) whatever the challenge you're up for it. I'm proud you're my brother. Hang in there and keep digging. See you soon. Love Victoria

You're the man

Ardie. I've been checking your progress every day and bragging to my friends about what a machine you are. I'm so pumped for you. I hope you are getting some of this encouragement that we are all sending your way.

You're in the home stretch now. don't let up.

Great job.

Rob Howell

Welcome to the Land of Enchantment

Ardie, Welcome to New Mexico. It's good to see yall getting to New Mexico. You have been strong and tough. All of you guys have earned a great respect from so many people. If you are ever in Alamogordo, NM look us up. I feel we have met many wonderful friends just through keeping up with yall during this race. Take care and God Bless. Marie (Mary Colliers Mom)

Keep it up Ardie, your doing

Keep it up Ardie, your doing great! Rob's is telling everyone about you. I was at a Mountain bike race the other day and a friend of Rob's was telling the story of a guy from Georgia who was racing the Tour Divide Race. I was like, "hey, I know that guy!" Small world. Keep trucking!
Chip W.


Just thought I'd give you a little inspiration to get to the finish line. Great work man. You're a stud.

Almost there

Hey Ardie,

Same as Chip, I was at a training ride and they started talking about you I was like I know that dude. Great job, good luck and I cannot wait to hear about this.

All the best

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