Ardie Olson shifts into NASCAR mode

Racer update about:
This is Ardie Olson calling in from Silver City, NM. It is Friday, June 4th (July). It is 11:23 AM. Everything is going good. Got rained on pretty hard last night. Had a thunderstorm hit me before I got into Mimbres. But I didn't quite make it into Mimbres last night, But I got up early this morning, made it in to Mimbres and got me a good breakfast and booked it into Silver City. Going to get me some resupplies here and head for the border. Get a little splash of gas and 2 right side tires and I'll be ready to go. Oops, that is the wrong race. How about I just stop at the Shop N' Go here and get me some caffeine and a couple honey buns for the road, that is about what it is going to take. Looking forward to the finish. Hope everybody else is doing well that is out there. Again, this is Ardie Olson (recorder time: 2008-07-04 12:25:53 EST)


Go Ardie Go!

Ardie, the 4th is a big day in Silver City. You missed the parade this morning, but you could swing by the museum and get a rootbeer float at the Ice Cream Social and hook-up with David Berry (he's the crazy one in the top hat and tails).
Anyway, good luck on the road out of town. Beware of drunk drivers.

Baron (a.k.a Mimbres

Baron (a.k.a Mimbres Man),
You speak so fondly of Silver. When are you gonna just come on home? Pony up.

Hot Gas & you're outta there!

Can't wait to see your blue dot on the border!


fast pitter

Ardie is a Southern boy and I'm sure well-versed in NASCAR principles. Ardie was a fast pitter all race...stems from his adventure racing background. Class act that man is. Sherry is a lucky gal.

Allez, allez Ardie!

Yee Haw!!!

Yes Sherry is a lucky lady. I think anyone is that knows Ardie, but I may be a little biased. : )
Go Ardie Go!!! Faster than Jeff Gordan ok ok Dale Earnhardt.......................Jr.

Love you, can't wait to see you.
Your favorite sister

Go Ardie Go! part II

You are definately a Gila Proven dude!
I'll be there in August for a few weeks, but ultimately that's the big question. When will I go back for good. Give me one more year here. I am thinking of a sabbatical after next year. I want to do the giant ride too. I figure I can carry the red lantern.

Check my blog what I wrote this morning.

BTW Go Ardie Go!


Way to go, Ardie. Bring it on in. No flack, just action!!!!
The Crackers

Ardie the Awesome

Way to show us all how it's done! I knew when you guys blew past me last year (twice) you had it in you. Get down the long road to AW, say hello to the dogs and start celebrating!


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