Ardie Olson's Big Italian Dinner

Racer update about:
Hey this is Ardie Olson. I am in Poncho Springs, CO. I was in Salida at 3:15, but there was not phone right there available so I just came over to Poncho Springs. It is now 4:09 p.m. Friday, June 27th. Had a good ride today. Everything was going good. I'm at the Italian Restaurant right now. Got two big bowls of soup in front of me now and I'm waiting on my Chicken Parmesan to show up then I'm going to finish that up, get me a few supplies and try to finish off Marshall Pass today. If not, at least maybe camp up at the top. Everything is going good. I'm hanging in there. Hope everybody else is doing good also. Again, this is Ardie Olson. (recorder time: 2008-06-27 17:11:20 EST)



hey congrats on finding the Italian restaurant.... I was looking for one for so long, more than any other meal I just wanted to find Italian.
keep it up!


Yum that chicken parmesan sure does sound good. You are doing sooooooo good. I knew you would. Of course you're great at everything, you're MY brother. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to talk to you.
Jaret and Wyatt are chearing for you!!
Love ya,

Hello Ardie!!!! Have been

Hello Ardie!!!! Have been keeping up with you on web. Very cool. Hope you are feelin good enough to make good time. When you get home you'll have ta tell me the whole story of the trip. Good luck and see ya soon!!! Larry C.

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