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Racer update about:
Hey, this is Ardie using Sherry's blog. Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to all my family, friends and apparently even strangers that were cheering me on during the race. It kept me going during long days and rough times. This was truly the toughest event that I've ever done. It was more of a competition against Mother Nature and myself than anything else. Congratulations to Matthew Lee for winning the race. He is an awesome person and amazing endurance mountain biker. Here are some things I remember about the race: 1. Great racer camaraderie 2. Missing Sherry, my wife 3. There always seems to be a headwind 4. Largest bear tracks I’ve ever seen outside of Island Park, ID 5. Postcard scenery and wildlife 6. Butt pain 7. More butt pain until the knee pain started then I forgot about butt pain 8. Warmth of my down sleeping bag after a hard day’s ride 9. Never enough food 10. Sleeping under a bridge outside of Fernie, BC during a storm during the first night 11. Friendly local people that couldn’t understand why I or anyone would do this race 12. Putting my pack in a bear proof garbage can while I slept in the Tetons beside a convenience store 13. Biking up to a DOT crew outside of Grants, NM who knew my name and said they were expecting me 14. Missing pie in Pie Town 15. Finishing and seeing Sherry at the Border My Giant Anthem did great. Had a little a problem with keeping air pressure in my forks for about 1,000 miles (so I had to ride with the forks locked) until I figured out that the valve was loose and got it fixed in Steamboat Springs. Just one flat outside of Lima, MT which the Stans fixed and I never had to repair. Only thing I had to replace was a set of tires in Breckenridge. I used one pack of zip ties to constantly repair my water bottle holders that were slowly disintegrating from the washboards. My Old Man Mountain rack worked well. If Jenny Craig isn’t working for your diet plan, try Tour Divide. It will definitely do the trick. I lost over 15 lbs. that I didn’t really have to loose. Again, this is Ardie Olson.


AO's ride

awesome ardie! classy guy you are.

and congrats on taking the county line -er country-line sprint up north this year (first to the border). even if you weren't a well fed machine you seemed to be very well oiled one for a rookie. all that adventure racing, i guess.

re. rememberances
-on (10), that's precisely the ingenuity that ought be rewared in divide racing.
-on (13), i asked them to give you water for me. i also asked them to tell you i looked fresh and came thru a week earlier...not sure if they passed along that part of the joke but we won `em over, i think...or at least they were easily entertained (on the clock/on the edge of the chaco desert)
-on (14), you'll just have to race again for pie. it won't taste the same if you don't ride your bike down sandy pie town rd to get some.

welcome out,

way to rock it

dude way to rock it and nice to meet yah!

Lovin' it

It was sure nice to watch your blue dot & share Divide Spouse stories with Sherry. Good job out there. Oh, and get yerself some King Cages! ;-)


15 lbs

Wow Ardie, 15 lbs!!
Earlie on Matt and I were debating on how much you were stopping to eat and drink. Apparently you kept it up the whole ride, bet your hungry now!
Great job! you rode a strong race and hung in there just ticking of the miles.
Hope to see you again some day.

I would also like to thank your other half Sherry for everything she did for the race. She did a great job allowing friends, family and fans to follow the race and get a taste for what was happening.

Let me know if your ever up north, PA NY way.

Congradulations on a job well done.


Congratulations, Ardie! I

Congratulations, Ardie!
I always admired your endurance skills when you were racing with Mighty Dog but this achievement tops them all!
Maybe this will inspire me to push further than basic AR!
Congrats again!

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