Dominik Scherer is lovin' his borrowed Rear Wheel

Racer update about:
Hello this is Dominik Scherer, calling on Thursday, 3rd of July. Its 4:30 pm. I’m here in Grants, no not Grants, just before, Cuba, NM, that’s he place. I wanted to call in to thank Bob Morgan from Albuquerque. He is he man. He brought me his own personal 26” rear wheel yesterday evening. He drove all the way from Albuquerque to Abiquiu and brought me his wheel. So I have his 26” wheel now in the rear. It made it very very well over these last few hills we had to do this morning. Thank you very much Bob. This is so very, very good. Thank you. We just had some food, Alan and me and we are stocking up on supplies and we’ll be on our way towards Grants in the next half-hour or something. We did sort of lose Adrian and Leighton on the climbs. We started out together this morning. We sort of lost them. But I think we’ll meet again on the way. That is what I hope for that we will see them again. All you people out there be good, be safe. You people at home, I’m almost through. It is good to know that you are there. You are giving me strength every day. Thank you. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-03 17:34:13 EST)


It's not a wheel, it's a tank track!

The ad for my Sun Rhyno Lite rim said something like: "For Clydesdales, freeriders, and general wheel abusers." Your Salsa 29er rim is cracked on the inside at least three-quarters of the way around the circumference. There is no way it would have made it up "Pulverizer" Mesa this morning. That is why it was starting to "taco." It is ready to explode!

How did you like the gnarly lava rock section after the little ranch this morning? That Schwalbe Marathon XR tire loves to dance through the rocks, but hates plowing through the sand. It just spins out.

Anyway I am thrilled that 69er combination is doing the job for you. However, I think you and Alan might need to change the batteries in your SPOTs because the Tracking is getting flaky. I found I had to change my batteries after about every 3 - 4 weeks of hard use. At first I thought it was the satellite coverage, but after I changed out the batteries the satellite coverage got remarkably better.

When I checked at one point this morning I thought you were headed back to Abiquiu! Then I looked at the time stamp on the Track message on your SPOT and realized that it was not getting the signal to the satellite system very often compared with the others. Then I thought that maybe the SPOT fell to the ground and you had not noticed yet, because it was sitting at the top of the lava rock section for a long time. (I dropped mine once and did not notice that it was gone for about a mile or so.)

This morning I continued with my yardwork and sometime later I checked again. I was pleased to see that it had updated. In fact, at that point in time, I could see that you were doing very well. This afternoon Alan's SPOT Tracking messages were also getting very intermitent. Perhaps you might even say - a bit SPOTty? I don't know whether it is the batteries, the system, or whatever. Earlier in the race they had Mary reset her SPOT and that did the trick. I've just found that I needed to change the batteries every 3-4 weeks when I am running it all the time. My wife loves the SPOT when I am out in the boonies by myself, and I am suspect that your friends and family in Germany love being able to see where you are too.

P.S. These math questions are getting pretty tough. If they get any more challenging, then I don't know whether I will be able to post any more comments? So 4 + 10 = squart root of pi - Correct?


You definitely have to change the batteries after 15 days... it's also possible that the SPOT is moving around in his bag and therefore loosing the connection to the satellite.

I also had to enable the Math question because Sherry and I had to deal with *a lot* of spam. We'll probably be enabling long division soon to make it harder :)

SALSA 29 Rims

Hi Bob

This is exactly what happened to my rim last year. I made it but only just!!
When I sent it back SALSA blamed a faulty manufactuering process - not enough or too much heat!!

Anyhow I'm on DT Swiss touring rims now

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