Felix Wong in Del Norte

Racer update about:
Hi this is Felix Wong, calling at 12:45 on Wednesday, July 2nd, from Del Norte, CO. Yesterday, I had a great day. My legs were feeling good. I rode about 113 miles. I even enjoyed going up Marshall Pass and Cochetopa Pass. Nice gradual climbs with great scenery. In the evening, I ended camping half-way up the Pass after Cochetopa Pass. Today hasn’t been going quite so well. My legs are quite tired. Especially after coming down into Del Norte. I was expecting it to be all downhill. In fact there are some pretty significant although short climbs. The road to Del Norte was not good at all. Way too much sand. Virtually unridable. I did not enjoy that at all. I’m glad to be into Del Norte because I was completely out of food and water. I was hungry and tired. I just restocked at a grocery store. Now I am looking forward to going up Indiana Pass. Actually, not looking forward to it. I’m actually quite apprehensive about it. Its 4000 feet of climbing and 25 miles long. But I guess I’ll see how it goes. I’ll talk to you later. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-02 13:47:59 EST)


Come on Little Train

Hey Felix, Just thinking about the little train that kept going up the hill. "I think I can! I think I can!" After every hill there is an awesome downhill!! You go and enjoy the breeze. God Bless

dont drink the water underneath Summitville!

It's a real shame, Summitville is a totally nasty superfund site! But everything else around there is very beautiful. We're all still pulling for you in the Fort, you're almost to NM! Incredible!


You just need to keep an mantra in your head!

Hey Felix...just keep a mantra going when you hit those hills! Granted, mine leave something to be desired, but I did manage to do an 18 hr deathmarch back to the car in the N Cascades saying nothing but "greasy french fries" to myself for 4 hrs. And then I went straight to the greasy spoon on the drive home and got a huge plate. Has to be a catchy phrase with the same cadence you are pushing, but I am sure you can come up with one! Maybe look forward to one of the pies everyone else seems to be getting in Pieville? Keep it cranking! Every bit gets you closer to Mexico and your future South Park-athon!

Hey Felix-- I follow your

Hey Felix-- I follow your blue dot everyday... and it keeps moving. Keep strong and know that you can finish this--
That blue dot is sure going to look nice on the Mexican border.

One More State ..."of Mind"

Keep on a pushin! NM is just around the next bend. Looks like Matt will finish within the next hour or so ( 19Days 11+ hours). You are well on track to get under 25. Keep up your same pace it is serving you well. NM will look like a sprint with everything you've been through. You continue to impress. Your fan club and "Cult following" are awesome to read. It will be so cool to you when you can sit, relax and retrace each days blogs and progress. Talk to you tomorrow! The girls say "hey!"

Take care Gods protection and speed to you ALL!

Keep on keepin' on...

hey Bud, Eddie here. I have to admit I won't wanna mess with you on a bike when you get home!!! have a great 4th. I'm going backpacking. And, remember, when the going gets tough out there...just think of the Bud runs!!! All the best too you amigo!!!

Chat with you on Monday.


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