Felix Wong searching for Pie in Pie Town

Racer update about:
Hi this if Felix Wong calling on Monday, July 7th from Pie Town, NM. Good News: Its only noon and I’ve already done 70 miles. Bad News: I’m kind of tired now. The roads here are a lot more rolling than I anticipated and the roads are also very wash-boarded with way too much sand or gravel in some sections. I hope they smoothen out because the roads are really bad. Anyhow, I’m in Pie town. I’m looking for some services. I found a restaurant. The PieO’Neer. Its only opened Friday, Saturday, Sunday so looks like I’m out of luck there. I hoping something else is opened. I’m going to look for that right now and then carry on. Pie Town is kind of a sad town. But at least, the ride over here had really awesome views of the mountains. Very stunning, very beautiful. I’m looking forward to see what comes next. Talk to you later. (recorder time: 2008-07-07 13:04:40 EST)


Pies on me!

I'm afraid your outa luck there in Pie Town NM. You might have to settle for some "road pie"arrrgh!!!!! You finish this thing out in style and I'll treat you to a pie buffet as you watch those ranchy South Park episodes.

You're doing great. ...Hey is you run in to Simmon anymore ask him to mail me my computer when he's done.

Felix thanks for all your

Felix thanks for all your insight. I'm actually taking notes, wow, many lesson to learn here. I found it insightful on how you actually came across a cyclo-computer and how back along the trail you mentioned Bear proofing your camp sight. All I can say is that the blog is an amazing read. Keep going strong.

Felix has overcome a lot

Felix has done a magnificent job.

He has overcome a lot of serious issues and has emerged a real winner.

If you read his post from back in Chama (the cyclocomputer saga) he said it was about 50 miles back to the trail.

I am not sure why this didn't occur to me at the time, but that was a phenomenon called "Temporal Distortion."

When the human mind is under severe stress, we tend to lose our sense of the dimensions and magnitudes of space and time. People who have been in an auto accident (who can remember it as taking a half hour to finish the collision), or in a war zone, or pilots who have ejected out of a fighter (and repeatedly pulled the ejection handle thinking the seat isn't working - even though the ejection was nearly instantaneous, the pilot perceived it as taking forever - or not working at all) have described this exact thing.

Felix was obviously under a huge amount of stress - understandably so - and he overcame it. He solved his problems and was able to move on.

That's a sign of a true winner.

Congrats Felix. You are most definitely THE MAN!

AND ThEN ....

Oh yeah....

AND THEN Felix turned around and did nearly a double-century the next day!

If that's not impressive, nothing is.

That Rocky Road is some impressive ice cream, heh Felix?


Phenomenal job, man.


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