Felix Wong travels through South Park

Racer update about:
Hi this is Felix Wong calling at 10:09 at Monday, June 30th from Salida, CO. I’m actually staying in a hotel tonight unlike last night when I camped at a campground near the beautiful Dillon Lake, I just jumped in the shower with all of my clothes on trying to get them clean and I guess I’ll sleeping in the nude tonight. Today was a good day unlike yesterday where it seemed like I was going up hill for most of the 107 miles I rode. Today seemed to be mostly downhill. There were just two major climbs both were beautiful climbs. One was Boreas pass and the other was up the watershed divide. Both were beautiful climbs. Boreas Pass was very gradual with great scenery, great views and even though it topped off at 11,500 feet it was a very pleasant climb. The last climb was much steeper but had great views of the 14ers. At least when coming down to the Salida. In between seemed to be mostly downhill. My progress was only impeded by an extremely fierce headwind in the afternoon. But otherwise it was great day. I think other than the two passes, the highlight of today was passing by South Park. Previously, I thought South Park was a fictional town in CO so I was very happy to see it is a real region. One of my favorite tv shows is South Park. In fact, I resolved that after this race is over and I am back home in CO, I would do a South Park marathon. By which I don’t mean running 26.2 miles but instead I will be laying on my couch with my feet propped up on a some pillows and watching this seasons episodes and maybe last seasons also. Right now that is sounding really good to me. I’ll talk to you later. (recorder time: 2008-06-30 23:11:54 EST)


You have the best attitude!

Felix, you're kicking butt!

You still have a great sense of humor and a great upbeat attitude.

I love reading your posts.

Keep it up!

You're a winner.

South Park Marathon

I love it!

Como Depot

You forgot to stop in and say hi! We have had the pleasure of feeding 4 racers so far.

Good luck.


719 836 2594

Felix Wong, that's it, I've

Felix Wong, that's it, I've decided.

One day I'm doing this race and it's all because of people and racers like you. My co-workers take month long vacations but I'm not at their level yet; I'm still kinda young.

But one day I'll have a month long vacation and I'm doing it. :) I should start saving for the loafs of bread, the canned meats, and the bear spray.

Time off w/o pay

That's the way I've alway rolled.

Or quit. That also works too.

Positive Vibes

Felix, you continue to truck on! Don't forget the alternate from Cuba to Grants, I hear the trek is pretty muddy and probably near impassible. I can’t believe you’re a South Park fan. Your within

Positive Vibes Con't

...less than a week now.

Any advice on marking your territory for rattlesnakes?


Hey bro...still keeping track and awfully proud. Wont be long, I promise!!

Keep on peddling!

Hi Felix...

I'm happy you're doing well and still have your sense of humor. It won't be too much longer until you can crash on the couch with your feet propped up watching South Park episodes. My friends at work all ask how you're doing and amazed are at your adventure. We'll talk when you get home.

-John T

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