Finish Photos

TD would like to post any finish line images of racers we can get so friends/family might share in that moment of relief. If in touch with any of the racers, please pass along this request to snap a finish line pic. The official TD podium is the concrete block marked "Limite De Los Estados Unidos" a.k.a. Boundary of the United States of America (courtesy of the International Boundary and Water Commission). Who the heck are they? No matter! So far we have just two finishers but more soon:
Matthew Lee Ardie Olson


matthew lee's kit

That digital camo material for frame/seat bags is so rad...and how fitting for the desert storm finish Matthew reported! Carousel Design Works needs to make that material available to non-sponsored riders next! Smart looking kit, Matthew.

Jim in CO

Congrats on the finish! That

Congrats on the finish! That pic tells alot.When I first saw them I questioned the durabilty of the single sided forks.......... until now.
Again congratulations on a terrific run


That would be a strut, not a fork...but they do perform really well. as many of you may have read, I blew a seal coming from Lincoln to Butte this year and had some down time. i would not have had the trouble if i just added extra phil's tenacious to the air chamber prior to TD. an oversight i paid for later in achilles tendon function.

Happy 4th

Hope you are enjoying the holiday with your family and friends. I've been blogging again since school is out. I don't think many people purposely read it, but I posted you on there this morning. I hope you don't mind.
BTW The bike ride in Strange Day Part I was inspired indirectly by the Tour Divide riders...that, and I need to get some miles in for a 3-day bike tour I'll be doing in about 3 weeks.
Gila Proven!

Job Well Done

Matthew well done on an awsome display of endurance and willpower . Ardie also congrats on 2nd .

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