Leighton White Checking In from Atlantic City

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Hey everybody Leighton White checkin' in from Atlantic City, WY. Couple of rough days. But it was beautiful coming over from Buffalo(?) this morning. If anyone has some climbing legs, they want to fed ex to me in Rawlins, I'll give you my number. I'm climbing like a snail with an elephant on its back. Any preschooler with a bike with training wheels could kick my butt going up a hill now. But ___ each day. The snow has been pretty entertaining there through MT and WY. Made the Pass through Ashton-Flagg Road at night by headlight in the muck. Anyone that follows me probably thinks there was drunken epileptic midget pushing a tricycle through there cause I was hoppin all over trying not to eat(?) it. I figured I could go through and make it to Flagg Ranch at a reasonable hour. But that wasn't the case with the mud and snow. So I ended going to bed at 2:30 in the morning 10 miles outside. I think that kicked me for the next day. I only made 85 miles the next day. Togwotee Pass. Then they send us on 515 Forest Service Road which was snow for 4-5 miles. I think a rough estimate of snow so far is about 14 miles. I'm in the Basin. Looks like there is a gathering thunderstorm so this is ought to be fun. I'll check in later. Bye (recorder time: 2008-06-24 16:12:03 EST. ) (Note: I had to guess at some of this. Lot of static on the line)


Hey Studly!!! Man you are

Hey Studly!!!
Man you are one determined rider!! We old folks get tired riding 150 miles a day on a Motorcycle...
We are watching your "Blue Ballon" on the leaderboard like a bunch of hawks, only guessing at what the country must be like and only just imagining what you must be feeling like, actually I think I know what you feel like cause I am Framing again....
Enjoy the Ride cause it is one to remember!!!
Mike K

Congratulations Leighton,

Congratulations Leighton, you've made it halfway! What a huge success already. It amazes me how fast your blue balloon cruises across the map.
On the home front, Danielle and Rick had their baby today (6/25) - little Owen Lanier. I'm heading up to Portland to go see them. Call my parents if you can't get ahold of me next time you're near a phone.
Love ya.

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