Leighton White Playing the Tunes through Montana

Racer update about:

Hey its Leighton White. Seeley Lake, MT. Got here last night. Got a hotel to wash off the dirt, dry out from the snow sloggin. Couple of great days in Montana. Saw a baby fawn, probably about 18 inches tall. Then my brain surgeon moment of the trip so far, I'm riding along and I hear Government Mule playing in the middle of nowhere and I say wow pretty cool someone is out here drinkin the tunes, drinkin beer, about 10 minutes later I stop to take a picture I hear Stevie Ray Vaughn in the distance. Little while later I hear Robert Randolph like wow someone has great taste in music. Then I realize that it is me. Somehow my mp3 player got turned on so I'm hearing this snipits as I riding long. Pretty entertaining, it made me smile. Things are going well. Bike starting to have a little bit of an issue with rear cassette. Hopefuly I can make it to Butte to get that taken care of. Everything is going good. Thanks. Bye.


Leighton's Music

That is great! Free music! Good thing it wasn't an ufo!

Keep up the strong riding!

keep cranking

Way to go leighton, keep cranking - tunes and pedals. I'm checking on your progress and routing for you, stay healthy, eat well, pedal strong.




I wish we could have been there with you! Endo would have loved to frolic with the baby deer....(and yes, I probably would have asked to keep it!) We are checking on your progress every few hours and it's wonderful to see you truckin' along. Keep the tunes a-rockin', keep the wind at your back, and that smile upon your face. Oh, and I have twelve ice-cold Lang Creek Huckleberry and Honey's with your name on them, chilling in the rig.

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