Leighton White's Post Race Thoughts

Racer update about:
Hey everybody. Leighton White calling from Great Sand Dunes National Park in CO. You probably heard from Adrian, Alan and Dominik about the finish. Pretty fantastic to catch up to those guys and I was definitely honored to finish with them. Alan and Dominik are very strong riders. Pretty cool to hang with them the last few days and finish up. We got picked up by my girlfriend. Then Alan, Dominik and I went back to Silver City, had a great dinner there, hung out at the hotel and then we drove back to Lordsburg and dropped Alan off at the greyhound so he can catch his plane. Took Dominik to Albuquerque. He had about a week to ago and he is actually still with us. Toured through Santa Fe, Talus and going to hit Salida tomorrow. Then we are dropping him off in Pueblo so he can catch a greyhound to Albuquerque and catch a flight out. He and I have been talking. It seems like we didn’t even do the race. It seems like it was ages ago. Bodies are recovering pretty well. The bike needs a complete fork warranty. I need some new brake pads. I rode about 60 miles from Grants to Pie Town area without brakes one day. Burned through the rear brake. Took the front out put it in the rear and burned through it so I was running without brakes. Then I decided in the Gila I should cobble together two of the pads and at least run a rear brake. Thankfully it got me through the Gila and made to Antelope Wells. Definitely wanted to thank Matt and Kevin for doing the SPOT thing. I think that added a lot to the race to everybody’s enjoyment. My brother called, left a message on my phone and said he watched my spot finish. I had friends tracking me. I think it got a lot of people involved. Definitely a really cool thing. I’d just like to thank everybody for following us. It was definitely a really cool experience. Don’t know if I’ll do it again. Thanks. Get out and ride. Take care. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-10 20:03:53 EST)


Biking The Great Dunes

....I hope not!

The past two summers I've taken my daughters to the Great Sand Dunes. It is really cool. It is hard to imagine how all that sand just gets deposited there by the wind. When we reached the top we just tumbled all the way to the bottom. Some guys surfed to the bottom.
You must be a glutton for punishment!

Congrads Leighton on your completion of the Tour Divide...A lifetime of memories and stories.

You've got a cool name. My middle name is Leigh as well as my daughters, my mom's maiden name.

Sand bores

Good ride Leighton! Very cool!
You check out those cool bores in that creek there at Great Sand Dunes? I sat there for a long time just watching those things form. It is a very interesting phenomenon.

Love in the Time of Cholera

I’m currently reading Love in the Time of Cholera http://www.ebook-search-queen.com/ebook/Love/Love+in+the+Time+of+Cholera... , which I have wanted to read for a while, but it is REALLY slow.

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