Mary Collier on a Mission to New Mexico Today

Racer update about:
Hey its Mary. I am near Platoro, CO. I stopped off at a little campground here to grab some food this morning. Yesterday was a super amazing day. Covered about 100 miles. Hit some really big milestones, I crossed the Rio Grande, rolled over 2000 miles and climbed the biggest peak of the route. So it was pretty amazing day. It was really awesome. I am really glad that I didn’t quit before that many times, many ups and downs. When you look at quitting you miss out on days like yesterday. It was extremely difficult but extremely rewarding. I made it into Platoro last night. In this morning, in my haste to get out of camp, I decided I’d catch groceries down the road. Unfortunately, its Sunday and nothing is opened until 11 and I’m headed out into the backcountry and unable to get food. I actually ran into a lady named Dorie about 15 miles past Platoro who invited me into her house, gave me breakfast, loaded me on fruit and good stuff for the day. So I’m heading out. I’ll probably stop at the convenience store in Horca to get a little more carbs if possible. Head off to the Pass and make another great day of it. Thank you everyone for being so amazing and wonderful and supporting me. Today I am going to get to New Mexico and its pretty awesome. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-06 10:25:35 EST)


Land of Enchantment

I'm so happy to see you coming up on the New Mexico border.
It's a special place for us; the state you grew up in, where we met & were married, and where we started riding together. That's some good juju!


Heading for the barn

Mary it is go fantastic to see your blue dot in New Mexico. You sound so wonderful, you have it made now. You are such an inspiration. I thought of you as I rode up to top of South Ridge today. My ride became easier knowing what you must be going through. Kind of wish I was younger and could make that trek. Wendy


New Mexico bound, eh? Land of Red and Green. You are cruising right along there Mary - keep up the great work!!


What a wonderful report. Girl, you are completely in the game. We are so proud. Keep pushing. Antelope Wells awaits.

freaking amazing

Your miles are kind of like the National Debt - Too high for me to comprehend.
Power to you and great feats.
You are f***ing amazing!
Work is work and yours is casting a big shadow.
Stay strong,
:-> mallory

Go Mary!

Way to go Mary! So proud of you...keep on trucking!

You're #1

You've almost made it. You're a pioneer; an adventurer; an amazing human being. I'm so glad to see you're going to finish this race. Congratulations!

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