Mary Collier ending a Good Day in Silverthorne

Racer update about:
Hey Everyone, its Mary. I’m calling in from Silverthorne, CO. Today, was an absolutely wonderful day. It was good day. I felt great today, physically and mentally, everything. The whole game just kind of came together today. It was good. I ran into Dave Nice out on the trail. The route goes pretty close to his parent’s property where he is working right now and it sounds like he is recovering. It was really good seeing him. He cheered me on for a couple of miles. We some good conversation. Dropped down to the CO River which was absolutely beautiful. Made it feel like I was in the southwest. Which was great, because that means I am in the south so I’m getting closer to Mexico. I really feel like I am going to pull this off now. Things are going great. I got in early tonight so I’m going to take off early in the morning. Have a good night. (recorder time: 2008-07-01 23:01:14 EST)


Mary, you are doing great.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes Mary the queen of the ride. I just love to hear your call ins. Have a great night. Sherry O.


Woohoo Mary! Way to go! I was hoping you would make it to Silverthorne today. We will keep ringing our bells for you. I think Mike is hoping to pull an Andy Buchanan and ride along with you for awhile on your final stretch. I hope that pans out. Keep on pedalin'

All our best,
Tina & family


Glad to hear you had such a great up and hope tomorrow is even better. All of us blue dot junkies are cheering you on.
Stay safe, Leona

Checking in from Idyllwild

Hi Mary,

Great to see you are doing so well. Just wanted you to know we are thinking about you here in Idyllwild. Keep up the good riding. Good luck to the finish line. Alan.

Pull an Andy Buchanan

First off-never underestimate the powers of a woman,You're a true inspiration as this is a race of brothers and sisters,you all are one heck of a family! Keep up the pace but I would love to see good buddy " Large" Andy catch up and spend some time sharing the trail with you.He's a great guy and we're wishing him well as he rode back out on the course to have some fun.Way to go ! Love from Cucamonga!


You are doing a great job. It looks like you have got the phsycological part of this whipped. Keep the faith and take care of your body. Hang in there. We log in throughout the day to check on you and zoom in to see what type of terrain you are headed into next. Not a day goes by that we don't have you in our prayers. Love, Cindy, David, Ashley and Jonathan


Hey there, Your family is getting excited. Yes, you are in the SouthWest now.l Enjoy the countryside and God's creations. All your family is happy for their sister, daughter, and friend. No one know's how big our crazy family is. We will see you soon. Love ya, keep it up. MOM xoxoxo


Oops, psychological is what I meant to spell.

You caan do it !

Mary you are doing great. Keep up the great riding. If you need anything in Salida go to Otero Cyclery where my son,Jeff, is manager. If you get there after six and need help I e-mailed Brenden his cell #. Jeff will be happy to help you. Keep on pedaling. Wendy

Five girl rooting you on in KY.

First of all, way to go Mary. I wish I was still on the Divide! Back here in Kentucky my wife and four girls are cheering you on! THey think it is soooo coll a girl is pulling this thing off. "Head south young lady!"....errr or was that "go west young man?" Awesome ride Mary.


reubenn klines brother here ray, i have the greatest respect 4 you. keep on going, live!

Awh I was so happy to see

Awh I was so happy to see you with a smile on your face last night!! You looked like you felt great & in no way looked like you'd just pulled off another century! Keep up with the carbs! They seem to be doing you wonders! Hope you're legs are as good after today as they looked last night. I'm SO proud of you! I'm going to try and track you down Thursday and/or Friday night!
Hope you're staying dry out there!

1 1/2 states to go!

Way to go Mary! This New Mexican is cheering you on! You have this thing licked!

Great Job wonderwoman

You are doing fantastic! Keep up the great work and great attitude! I am thinking about you and sending you all the best energy from the Old Pueblo

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