Mary Collier Gets her Game Back

Racer update about:
Hey its Mary Collier. Its Monday, June 30th. Its about 8:30 in the morning. I'm still in town. I got here at about 1 am after pulling that pass last night. The pass actually wasn't terrible. My mental game was just absolutely horrible yesterday. The last few days have been great. I had a 110, 120, then 140 mile day trying to get caught up on some ground. However, that 140 put me into camp real late the night before last. About 25 miles down the road from Rawlins. Part of that was just trying to get ahead a little for yesterday, knowing I had this pass coming into Steamboat with all this snow on it. Knowing about that Pass caused a bit of stress. Yesterday, I almost quit. Yesterday, I made it to the CO border and then turned around backwards on the route a mile and went to a campground to call home to tell Brendan I was quiting. My mental game was just so messed up yesterday. It was rough, stress was building. Fortunately, he is always wonderful. He talked me through it and told me to push over that Pass. Get to Steamboat and see how I feel. Now I feel like a million bucks. Just getting to Steamboat. Being to bed, taking a shower. I was just so disguishing. I hadn't have a shower in four days. I know that to the guys that doesn't sound like much. But it was rough, it was a rough day, but I pushed through it. I'm still in the game.. As you can see from my mileage the last two days, my body is still in the game. My legs are back. Actually I feel pretty darn strong. So this morning I'm going to get some bike work. I've got few minor maintenance things I need to take care with my bike. Take some time to load up on some food, recover just little bit and call it a short day. Thanks everyone for listening and for caring and helping me push through all of this. I'm in CO, Steamboat. Its frickin' amazing. (recorder time: 2008-06-30 09:57:07 EST)


Mary, I am so glad you are

Mary, I am so glad you are pushing on. I know you can do it!! We are all pulling for you every day!


Mary...good thoughts

All of us at Blue Star are routing for you!!!!! Keep up the good spirits and we know your going to make it !!
Lisa (hairstylist )

Hair is rockin!


You'll be happy to know that the shower here in steamboat got my hair back to rockin too! :) It was gettin a little tooo greasy and tame.

It's friggin' amazing is right!

So glad to hear Steamboat was worth the push; kinda figured it would be. Once you've got yourself & your clothes smelling good again, and when you've got Frieda's maintenance issues worked out you're going to feel great.

Just remember- a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. You're doing a good job taking on the race in pieces; one day at a time with one goal at a time. Keep that up & you'll be in New Mexico before you know it!

Really nice to hear about Kirsten up there! I was secretly crossing my fingers that she'd be able to stop and visit with you. Sounds like she was just what the doctor ordered!

Well you're in Colorado now, a land we have many shared memories in. Don't forget to stop & smell the roses- just don't pick the Columbines! ;-)

When you cross into the Land of Enchantment you're gonna have some good New Mexico Homegirl juju working in your favor. You're headed toward the home stretch, in a way- it's just one pedal stroke after another.

We love you & can't wait for the pictures & stories!


Eatin' Elephants

Hey Girl, You are such an awesome example to all of us. Everyday here in Alamogordo people say "Where's Mary?" You're a trip girl. Brendan is an good coach. Thanks for being who you both are. Remember when I would always tell you guys, Anyone can eat an elephant one bite at a time!!!! Don't forget it. Your elephant is halfway gone.I'm getting my old VW bus ready to meet you at the finish line. It's old and slow but it know's where you will be. Love ya lots, MOM xoxoxoxo

Come on Over

Hey Mary, I checked the mileage. It is 222 miles from Alamogordo, NM to Antelope Wells, NM. I figured my ole bus hittin 50 mpg on good days. You guys give me time to get there to be at the finish line. Your guys bikes could probably out run me!! HA! Now you know why Tati and Tavi call my bus the Turtle Bus. Keep a happy spirit and clear mind and it won't be long to see you. Your family loves you lots and lots, MOM xoxoxo

im impressed

YOu have been doing excellent and your performance is beyond impressive.

Dont let your mind trick you into quitting, I know you can make it till the end.




You truly are amazing.....................hang in there! I'm cheering for you all the way.

Mary, Since Mike pulled out

Since Mike pulled out of the race, I figured I wouldn't be a blue dot junkie and live on this website anymore. But, I still keep coming back to see how the racers are doing. I was glad to see your call in this morning! Have been wondering how your doing. Glad to hear you made it to Steamboat and have made the decision to keep going. You are quite an inspiration. I believe you can do this! Stay strong, and stay healthy! Good luck!

YAY Mary!!

Nice to hear that you are feeling better today!
Keep it up! I'm rootin' for ya!

Yeeehaw Mary!

I big YEEEHAW to you Mary. Good job! Keep pedaling! :-)


Oops...The "I" should be an "A"...Anyway you get my drift...Good luck and keep pedaling!

Great job Mary!

Your courage and preseverance are an inspiration to me and many others I'm sure. I'm really happy for you and wish you the best.
An amazing feat!

Steve in Phoenix

Hi Brendan


Dangit! I should put those columbines back...:) Thanks for all the support everyone - you are the ones that keep me going!



Hi Mary,
This is Pete from Hemet, CA. Since you've been riding I've been up to Washington state and climbed Mt. Rainier and Mt. Shasta. I come back and you're still pedalling...bloody amazing I'd say!! You cannot quit. When you see all the people out there on the blog rooting for you you know that's NOT an option. Sounds like you've gone to the 'other side' mentally and have broken through that barrier now. From here on out now it's gonna be a relative 'cruise'.
Keep on truckin' girl,

Mary the Bicycle Goddess

Hellllooo Mary! It was wonderful to hear from you last night. I wish I could have been there waiting for you as you rolled into Steamboat. I'm so incredibly happy to hear that you're pushing through and continuing with your adventure. I think you'd miss it in the end if you quit early. It sounds like the worst is over for you anyway. It should get warmer & drier from here on out. You've come SO far!!! I can't wait to see you tonight for a celebratory "more than half way" dinner! Keep it up! You're life inspiring!

You're sooo strong Mary!

Sounds like yesterday was a big success! You beat your ming at it's own game. Good work for sticking to it.

There are so many people that you inspire that you may never know. When it gets really tough, just think of those people who could never do what you're doing. Whether they are disabled, overweight or under motivated. Sometimes, when I'm riding up a hill, into the wind and want to cry I think, "imagine if I only had one leg and how hard this would be." You are riding in the midst of what may be your best lifetime achievement....well, I guess it's you so you will out do yourself at some point:)

Keep it going Mary. Your mind and body can do it. Just keep peddling! We'll see you on the 24 course and can't wait to hear stories!

Matt from Cirrus in Tucson

Mary you are Awesome

Mary every day the first thing I do when waking is check where you are. The rest of the day I must check your progress every hour. I think I was as happy as you when you got to Steamboat. I know you can make it. You are in inspiration to so many you will never know about. It is all in your mind and and now your mind has won the battle. My son lives in Salida and works at Otero Cyclery. I will give Brenden his phone # and if you need anything he will treat you like a queen. Keep pedaling. Small goals lead to giant accomplishments. Wendy

Rock ON

Hey Mary,
you are a real inspiration to a lot of people. I have been telling co- workers and mtb. friends to check out this ROCKIN GEAR SMASHIN TERROR RED from Cali by way of Newbi Mex and they can't believe the size of your cahonies!!!!!!!! I am pulling for you all the way I check in every night after my ride home.There was a beautiful sunset here and the fire flies were out, found a couple in my shirt and my hair.Keep on keepin on work on 1 mile at a time don't get caught up in the immensity of what you are doin. good luck tomorrow!
Dave Stacey

Way to go Mary

Hi Mary, It was fun to see you today in Steamboat. You looked great, and I still love the Neutrogena SPF 75!! What a commercial you would make!! We'll get the newspaper article to you. And, best of all, we'll be watching you finish. Love and our thoughts, Nana Lou and Tom

GAME ON! Lookout Colorado!

I'm so glad I made it to Steamboat in time to join you for a little carb load (you not me) and a big well-deserved hug. God lady you're amazing. Sorry I had to grab your butt on the way out of the restaurant, but I have to report (hey Brendan pay attention) that it's ROCK SOLID. You look fabulous...are you sure you just rode 1600+ miles? Everything you've done so far & the upcoming ride deserves some serious respect and applause. You've got a ton of followers here - all of which your experiences are affecting personally, and we are anxiously awaiting to hear all the great details. Thank you for the inspiration!

Hope your adventure went swimmingly (er...peddelingly) today!! Can't wait to hear about it in Silverthorne/Brek! See you soon!!
Enjoy the ride!!

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