Mary Metcalf-Collier Having Fun despite Difficult Trail Conditions

Racer update about:

Hi Yi Yi Yi, New Mexico is freakin awesome. I’m in Abiquiu. Its Monday, July 7th. Last couple of days have not been high mileage because they have been high fun factor. I guess I could have done without that hike a bike before Brazos Ridge. Things have been going really well. I feel really good. It has been some really difficult trail. Some really technical trail but I remembered why I am on a mountain bike. It has been really awesome. I also met some amazing people. Had breakfast at some lady’s house near Platoro. Had dinner with Villaros (sp) near Brazos Ridge. Because I was taking longer than I thought and I stopped to ask for water and they had me sit down for BBQ. I’m having some fun along the way but the trail is tough and I’m trying to cover some ground. I just loaded up on some carbs here in the café in Abiquiu. I’m going to head out to see if I can get some more miles under me tonight to make tomorrow a little more doable. So have a good night everyone. Adios.

(recorder time: 2008-07-07 18:50:19 EST)


O Fair New Mexico!

The Land of Enchantment! It is a great place for sure...but you already know that.

Checking in from Idyllwild

Hi Mary,

3 States down, one to go. Keep on rolling! All our best from Idyllwild Cycling.




Sorry. 4 States down, 1 to go.



Alberta's in there too. ;-)

Final Correction

OK, Alberta, 4 States, and one to go. I was scrolling through some of the photos from the event. The scenery looks spectacular. I am still amazed you can ride so many miles each day on a mountain bike. Mary, you are participating in a life evolving event. I am tipping my helmet to you. Best of luck on the home stretch. Alan

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