Mary Metcalf-Collier Hoping to Ride with Gleasner

Racer update about:

Hey it's Mary. I’m calling in from Abiquiu again with an addendum. This episode I’m going to call it “Waiting for Gleasner”. Man, I keep swearing he is going to catch me, I thought he passed me, don’t know where he was but I hear he is coming up to Abiquiu. So I’m going to actually call it an early day and hope to bust a move up to the Plateua early in the morning with Mr. Stephen Gleasner. Hopefully he comes in and sees my bike outside the hotel and we can hook up and ride up the Plateau. Try to bust a move really early since we are getting in early. So I’m going to leave my bike by the road and hopefully he sees it and I can have someone to rock out with. Jen who is doing the GDR is also here. So she is leaving at 3AM so I might consider that as well. I’m out from Abiquiu. Holy crap, I think Stephen might be pulling in. Good night.

(recorder time: 2008-07-07 18:54:05 EST)


Great move

Smart, smart, smart.

Very good decision Mar!


enjoying the enchantment of new mexico

hi mary,bob buchanan here,andys bro,been tracking all tour and gdr racers from day are all special in my book,tell stephan hi and that andy is in salida working on returning home to ketchum.good luck and have fun,the beer will taste sooooo good at antelope wells.bye -bob

To those about to rock...

We salute you!!

(it's gettin' to be high time for the ol' AC/DC tapes to come out)

Glad to hear you're all there, staging for what should be some good days ahead. I hear the Pulverizer Plateau ahead is tough, but then you've got some good mileage waiting beyond...


safety through Cuba - Grants

I used to live out in that neck of the woods (or desert). It can be sketchy. Probably not so bad for a guy, but even when I used to ride out there, I sometimes felt vulnerable. Probably best to hook up with Stephen. Take care.

Wow, is there a particular

Wow, is there a particular reason the last poster was so condescending? Why would it be more dangerous for a solo woman, do you think she can't handle herself or something?? I'm a woman, I've spent time in that area myself (and yes, ALONE!!!) and never got hassled.
Rock on Mary, don't pay attention to the doubters. There will always be those dudes who think women are too delicate to do the hard stuff, too naive to handle the unexpected, well we know that's not the truth. You are kicking butt and you are my hero!


That's a pretty naive post there Ms. Anonymous.

There is NO good reason to do something that gives you fewer options and makes things less safe when you have the opportunity to do something that gives you more options and makes it safer.

We have a growing drug and gang problem here and not everyone out in the wild around here is a nature lover.

There is a 99.99999999% chance that everything will be fine no matter what, but that's not the point.

Consider the other post "condescending" if you wish. It's not.


condesending? Moi?

Anon: I am just saying, I used to live and work out there, and there are a lot of potential jerks. I used to get harassed from time to time. I have heard over the years, the gang problem has increased, but I've been living and working overseas now for 8+ years, so I am a bit out of touch with the realities of the USA anymore, so what do I really know...not much apparently.
Anyway, I was out there last summer just milling about in a car, and didn't really see anything out of the ordinary. I doubt Mary will have any problems. I was just trying to be realistic.
Go Mary Go!

Have fun and be safe

I was northbound on the GDMBR in that area about a month ago by myself. I thought the burned out pickup truck and the fifty or so shot gun shells around it was kind of sketchy. It pissed me off more than freaked me out. It is a shame when cretins leave such a mess in the woods for someone else to clean up. There were some seriously washed out stretches of the "road" that frankly sucked pulling a loaded BOB trailer through, but overall I thought it was beautiful and really worthwhile. The Jemez Mountains almost always kick my butt, and that is what I like about them. I might be the only Louis L'Amour fan out there, but that part of the Jemez is "Radigan" country. I love that country, and I hope you will too. I took a lot of pictures up there (including the pickup) and they are in Picasa Albums on the left sidebar of my blog: Have fun and be safe. You folks are going to love it.

riding with stephen

hola mary , so good to hear you are having a good time on the trail . stephen is great to ride with . hope you both get lots of pie in pie town . keep blazing down the dusty road.

Good to see your blog

Andy! Thanks for the sign in and your brother Bob too. Way to go Mary!!! You rock girl! Sounds like you are headed home brother ,sorry it didn't pan out,but I'm glad you're OK

Good morning, y'all

Gender stereotypes & safety aside, I suspect Mary & Steve are both happy to be riding with somebody else. They've both been riding solo of most of the race and it's gotta give a little extra motivation.

As for vulnerability, sure it's possible a small woman can be a target. But so is a guy who happens to be wearing the wrong colors... or a guy who just looks funny because he's riding a bike. Mary's carrying bear spray on her shoulder strap where the world can see it. That was a decision she made before the race based on many factors.

For what it's worth- I'd want to ride with somebody else at this point in the ride too, for strategic reasons:

Steve seems to get up earlier
Mary rides later into the night
Steve can probably motor on the flats
Mary can climb like the dickens
Steve's fun to ride with (I rode w/him in Banff)
Mary's fun to ride with too. :-)


funny stuff

Mary - loved the blog. From the "episode" to the "bust a move" to "rock it out" and "Holy crap there's Steve now". Ride with Steve. It will make your adventure complete!

Sister Sue

Way to go Mary. Home state

Way to go Mary. Home state advantage is all yours. Just keep on peddeling.
Love ya. Edna

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