Mary Collier Reassures Friends and Family

Racer update about:
Hey its Mary. I just wanted to call in and let everyone know that I’m doing OK. Because I’m sure all you junkies are watching blue dot and wondering what the hell is going on. I’m actually good. I had a little layover off route to take care of some gears in my head that were skipping. I’m getting back on track. Got those cleaned up and lubed. So I’m going to push on. Talk to you later. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-04 17:30:25 EST)



So I'm watching the blue dot, not on the red line thinking... HUH? Great to hear from you and glad to know you got things worked out. Remember: the sun comes up on the left and goes down on the right, shred that gnar, and bite it like a shark!

Blue Dot Junkie

Hey Girl, quess you are still on a good high from hanging with Julie, Cosmo and Chris. You guys are nuts. Just remember go South young lady and just keep sniffin the tortillas, it will get you to the border. If you don't get home soon Julie is gonna make it her job to just follow you around and keep shoe polishing her big van and yelling out the windows. As I recall she is nuts just like the rest of us. Hang in there and keep on pedaling.. Love ya, MOM xoxoxo

my advice:

Mary, if you get this here's my advice:
First, get off the computer! :-) Throw the cell phone in the trash! j/k
You have to take active measures to keep your head on the trail, and that means being very businesslike in towns & not letting yourself get familiar again with creature comforts. Stay a long, long way from cars. Never go into air conditioning. If the film crew is bugging you, tell them to leave!
Remember, this is your race, not theirs. It's ok to be a little selfish with this, they'll still make their movie. Your family will be here when you return.
I see a trend...

This is just like what happened to us on the backpacking trips for at-risk youth- our worst days were always just after towns, or car rides, etc. When you're out there you are best to just "be there;" on the trail, and in your own head.

We love you, and want all the best for you to get down the trail.



that might have sounded a bit negative- you know all that stuff anyhow.

What I know:
-you have most of the really hard stuff behind you. After tomorrow, on Indiana Pass, you can think of it as all being downhill! ;-)
- you are about 75% of the way there.
- if the riders ahead are any indication, mileage will come more easily soon.
- you have a bucketload of support out here in the blogosphere
- you are probably only a couple days behind the bulk of the Tour Divide riders- very much still in the race
- you are ahead of a dude. (ha!)
- you will be in your home state soon. That's good juju.
- there will be cold beer waiting at the border- I promise!
- we all love you & just wanna hug you... but not until you finish & take a shower! ;-)


Good Luck

Saw you on good for you!! Have a great trip!!

Stop in at the rainbow tribe gathering and they will help you get your head on straight!

Going great!

You are doing so well right now. Keep your head in the game and focus. You'll be in New Mexico and the home stretch in no time. Focus

Your going to make it,

Keep It Up!


Keep in the game and pressing on. We're all routing for you and know that you can make it all the way to Mexico. You continue to be inspiration. It's your focus, ability and determination that will see you through. You're ready and prepared to make this happen. Doug and I wish you all the best.


Way to go Mary!!!!

You are almost there!!!!! We are so very proud of you here in Santa Maria, CA. Keep up the good work and show those boys who is boss.
Terri Wahlberg


Hang in there. Everyone here is cheering you on. Our weekends and days off revolve around checking the blue dot. Keep moving girl! You can do it. Don't let your mind sidetrack you. Love, Cindy and family

No doubt...

Mary - Time will pass. The race will end. You'll get back to your computer and come up with those crazy, wonderful ideas for us. Keep pedaling. We need to see you and be with you.

You ROCK!!!

My mom and dad keep saying how amazing you are. And we all think you're great. My Dad says just like at the 24 hour races- "Just keep moving." I'm sure the same holds true now. Just keep moving! But mom also says "The pain fades and you remember how glorious the finished product is" I guess that she relates that to me :) We all know you can do it so keep pedaling and know we are thinking about you.

PS I learned how to type this summer.

YEA!!! Mary. Ways to go

YEA!!! Mary. Ways to go yet. I know your had your cheering team with you for a while. So proud of you. When I am trugging up my hill that I live on, I don't look at the top. Just one peddle then another. One Two One Two. And I get to the top. Just keep going girl, we are
watching the blue dots. Becare with distractions, they will slow you down. Jennifer and I are tracking and. You can do it, You can, You can. Yea for you. Your almost home.
We love ya. Edna and family

Great job Mary

Hey Mary! I just found out that you are doing this awesome endeavor and wanted to say that you kick ass!! No doubt that you will finish the race in exactly the time you are supposed to. Most of all enjoy the journey and every minute that you are SO ALIVE out there connecting deeply with your self and others that help you along the way. Smile alot and congratulations on your adventure.

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