Mary Metcalf-Collier says "It's Huge, It's Awesome, It's Super, Super Cool"

Racer update about:

Hey its Mary. Its Thursday, lunch time, well a little bit late lunch, unfortunately. Steve and I have made it into Pie Time which is monumental, its huge. Somewhat emotional pulling into Pie Town. This is big. Just about 300 miles left. Now I’m on the last map. Huge, its Awesome, Super, Super Cool. Did I mention how tough this is out here? It has been tough. There have been some headwinds. We have been able to cover some ground. Things are going great. I’m trucking down the road. I’m here at the café, made it during business hours. Debating what type of pie to have which of course, I have to have some pie. The next big challenge looks like a really large front here in NM that might be consuming the next couple of days. Steve has a flight to catch Saturday in El Paso. We are trying like hell to make that. So far we have been lucky and we are going to hope for the best. Talk to ya’ll soon.

(recorder time: 2008-07-10 14:34:33 EST)


You're Almost There!


You're almost there!!!!! You have people in Kuwait tracking you right from one desert to're getting some major good wishes and prayers. You continue to be an inspiration and we're all mighty proud of you! Darren

Mary you are awesome!

Hey lady. This is a shout out from the Midwest. Southern Illinois has been keeping close tabs on your awesome progress. We are all so proud of you here. Glad to hear that someone got pie in Pie Town. I'm reallllly glad to hear it was you guys. I figure that's a great sign for the future. Keep on rockin' down the road. The Mexico border's just on the horizon. Good vibes and prayers go out to both you and Steve. Good luck to the finish!!!

let go of deadlines steve

el paso saturday isn't going to happen. fly standby, enjoy the balance of the route. maybe monday flights. esp. if bad weather is impending.

go guys, go.

weather is holding out

Mary - The weather is going to hold out for you, we are watching intently and so extremely excited for you. Such an inspiration to women, you got a number of us talking about the possibilities..... go girl!!


Not much left. Hang in there; you almost have this thing licked! We miss you and wish we could be at the finish line waiting for you. I can already feel the blue dot withdrawl coming on. .......

Making it happen!

Wow. Just wow. Way to go.

Soon now!

Mary - almost there! This has been such an exciting experience for all of us - thanks for taking us along on the ride. Let's cross the finish line soon though. I'm totally exhausted!!

Pie at last!

Seemed no one got pie but you two. You should have eaten a piece for all the rest. I met Steve in Idaho and he was upset that you were in front of him. This is a great finish, you and the old one going in together. It has been a blast to watch the dots. I can't wait to get to the tour every night and see how it gone. It will be bouring next week when it is over. You are a brave and tough gal. Best wishes on all your future indevers. A blue dot fan. wilma



You are an animal. I am so excited for you that it gives me goose bumps to know you are almost there and are the FIRST FEMALE ever to finish it. You rock!!!!!!

Terri Wahlberg


HI Mary,
I love your latest post. You've earned every bit of excitement that your feeling.
An amazing feat!

Steve in Phoeinx

Silver City

As of 1115am Mary & Steve are coming in to Silver City. 67 degrees, low wind, cloudy, a little mud on the course. They're stopping at the bike shop & figuring what they'll do next...

I saw Mary today- first time in about a month! She looks really good. No swelling in her legs- they actually look really good. ;-) Both riders are in good spirits & seem to have a bit of power on the climbs.

Mary, I would love to meet

Mary, I would love to meet you one day. You ran a fantastic race. Come see us, Stephen's mom and dad.

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