Mary Collier Stockin' In Up in Del Norte

Racer update about:
Hey it's Mary and I'm in Del Norte. Last night, I pulled Cochetopa Pass and Carnero Pass. Stayed on top of Carnero Pass last night. It was kind of a slow moving day. This morning I got up pretty early. Woke up in the Aspens so it was really beautiful . Topped out and descended down to Del Norte which takes a little while. Especially when you are under-caffeinated, severely under-caffeinated, no caffeine. Moving down the hill, trucking down the hill, kind of boring. Until I hit probably the best double track, single track that I’ve had in days coming into Del Norte. Super beautiful. Red rocks everywhere. Little rise before town. Good Stuff. It was great. Here at the convenience store. The Shell. I'm going to load up on some groceries. I’m cramming food down my throat right now. I have a huge pass to hit this afternoon. I'm going to go take a bite out that and see where it gets me. Have a good night. (recorder time: 2008-07-05 12:39:22 EST)


Big Climbs Super Downhills

Hey Mary, Just remember right after a big climb is a super downhill. Love ya, MOM

shred that gnar!

After Indiana Pass- just go light on the front end & ride it out!


Looking forward to seeing you

Hey Mary,

Looking forward to your big finish, so you can come home! ;-)



I've joined the ranks of the blue dot junkies. Nice work on making it to Platoro. Keep it up.

Hay Mary, Your almost in

Hay Mary, Your almost in New Mexico. Wow. You go girl. Almost home.
Just one peddle in front of the other. You got it. Wow!! Praying for ya. Love ya
Edna and Family

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