Mary Collier's Unique Sleeping Quarters

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Hey its Mary Collier. Its about 8 in the morning, July 4th. I'm in Sargents, CO. I made it last night about 9:30. Last couple days have been pretty awesome. Two nights ago, I stayed in a children's playhouse in Harstel, CO. Pulling Boreas Pass to get to Harstel actually was not that bad. Got in pretty early to Harstel. I was sleep deprived enough and homesick enough that I decided to stay in Hartsel after not covering too many miles, but I’m happy to live with that decision. I woke up early in the morning from Harstel and headed out towards Salida. Made it to Salida yesterday. Had my bike worked on at Absolute. Changed out my tires. Really just did a look over, my bike is actually looking pretty good. Everything is going well. It was late in the day when I came into Salida, but I decided to go ahead, up over Marshall Pass in get into Sargents. I got here at about 9:30 last night. It was raining a little bit, dark and cold. They were out of cabins so they hooked me up in a Tee Pee last night with a campfire looking propane heater in the middle of it. Pretty rad. I never slept in a Tee Pee before so it was pretty cool. The last couple of days have been pretty cool. Coming into Salida. I met up with a good friend, Canon. He rode up Marshall Pass to greet me and rode down with me...having worried that I had been homesick and lonely. It was really good to hear from, see him and have someone to ride with and chat with. When I got to Salida, my twin sister, Julie and her kids were there and greeted me. Made me feel like a Rock Star. Pretty good. That gave me a lot of energy to best up and over Marshall Pass to get here to Sargents. Had a good nights sleep last night and I'm headed out on the road to get to Del Norte tonight. Have a Happy 4th of July. Bye, Bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-04 09:20:45 EST)


Saw an article in the

Saw an article in the Alamogordo Daily News the Friday before you started, so decided to follow you and the other racers. Have really gotten into it. Reading your messages, I feel your highs and lows. So happy for you that you were able to get past the pain and get to where you are now, nearly in NM. Makes me wish I was 30 years younger and able to do what you are doing. Instead, I do my 3+ miles here in the Sacramento Mountains on good roadbed. When I don't feel like getting on my bike, I think of what you are doing and push myself forward. Thank you for inspiring me to do the best that I can do.

Tour Divide Rock Star


We think you are pretty rad! You are the Sheryl Crow of the GDMBR. Ride on like the Rock Star you are!

PS. You can tell by your mom's posts & your sister's visit that you have an awesome family. It was a true highlight of the tour for Mike & Hunter to meet your mom & dad yesterday...precious souls they are. It has been great meeting you all via this blog...

All our best....all the way to Antelope Wells & beyond,
Tina & family

Good to hear from you!

Those sound like some great accommodations. I can't wait to see pics of that kid's playhouse!


You're almost home

Hey girl, what an awesome ride. We had the most wonderful visit with Hunter and Mike. They are cool people.. We had a meal at Brown Bag and finished our visit. Boy, have we all made good friends. Julie is still coming in from Colorado. She is crazy just like her twin sister. She is so happy for you. Happy July 4th and everyone watch out for drunk drivers. Be safe. Hang in there and Dad will have a tortilla ready for you. Love you, Mom xoxoxo

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