Matthew Lee enjoying pie in Pie Town

Racer update about:
Hey, Matthew Lee calling in post-breakfast from The Daily Pie Café in Pie Town. It's about 10:22 on Tuesday. Rueben, I just wanted to tell you that I ate your piece of pie and mine. I figured you would want it that way. It's good to be here although I’m sad that Nita, the Toaster lady, is out of town. I had really hoped to see her. Today I hope to finish with the Gila National Forest. I expect it to be as mentally challenging as anything I’ve faced so far. Usually I hit it fresh so we’ll see out it goes. My guess is that I will be pretty wrecked by the time I reach Silver City. I’d like to say Congrats to my sister Amy with her new 10 lb baby and tell my own baby-momma, Katie, due with our baby boy (and future Tour Divide racer) in just a couple of weeks to hold on a bit longer. I’ll be back in NC as soon as I can. That’s all for now. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-01 11:23:26 EST)



Hey Matt sorry I wasn't there to share the pie with you, it has been crossing my mind. I hope you enjoyed it, I'm sure you need the calories.
Funny you posted about your baby mama, I with thinking about you turning into a daddy soon!
I have not doubt about you finishing strong.
I'm still watching your, and the others, daily progress.
Look forward to seeing you,
thanks again for everything.


pie is good

Matt Lee! I'm glad to see that you are doing so well, despite the unfavorable conditions this year. I hope to see you at Weaver Street soon enough, happy and healthy. Ride well, and finish strong! Tod

Go Matt Go !!

All us boys & girls here in Carrboro are sending you a big shout out !
Happy 4th !
Old School rules !
Buddy,Bridget & Stafford

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