Matthew Lee Making the Final Push

Racer update about:
Hey there Matthew Lee at the Beaverhead Work Center. It is 8:40. I'm going to continue riding and try to get to the rim of the black canyon and dispose of a few more of the 45 miles of the Gila that I have left. So that I can hopefully finish before dark tomorrow, if everything goes well. So that's my story. More rain today. Soft roads, but not very hot. The trade off is there. Ok. Hope everybody else is doing well. that's all. Bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-01 21:41:31 ES)


almost there...

Well done, one more big day... and then parenthood! Finn was talking about you while camping this weekend. Stay safe.


MATT LEE you are one BAD*S*,

MATT LEE you are one BAD*S*, the tour de france riders have nothing on YOU!!!!! you make them look like weekend warriors. Boone (Grandfather)Pisgah riders give you all the respect and more, so come and visit when you and the soon to be tour rider are born. RIDE ON!!! so very proud of you.


Matthew Lee is one of a kind. What a harsh trail this year! What a great race! Jjwoot

Saw Matt Lee tuesday morning

Saw Matt Lee tuesday morning @ the daily pie cafe in Pie town, just wanted to say good luck to Matt and the other riders! You guys make Me want to ride My bike [better] more!

good work

nice work Matt, I've followed your journey and to say I'm impressed is an absolute understatement. see you on the next cruiser ride.


So Close

You are so close.....................Congratulations WOO HOO
I feel like I know all you racers. Blue dot junkie here;))
And SOOOOOOOOOO close to being a Daddy. Enjoy that baby.

Looks like Matthew is IN!!

His blue dot is sitting on the border at 10:26, as far as I can tell.

refresh-refresh-refresh those blue dots!

Woooooo hoooo!!!!

Congrats Matthew

Watched your little blue dot approach the border last night. Wish I could have been there with you waiting with a cold Tecate.
Anyway, I see your blue dot is in El Paso near the airport...maybe at the Denny's having Grand Slam breakfast or two.
Congrats on your win and on your pending fatherhood! Keep in touch!

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