Mike Dion and film crew in Pie Town

Racer update about:
Hello, there this is Mike Dion. Its July lst about noon. Still out here on the route. I’m in Pie Town actually. I’m with Hunter Weeks. Hunter is the director on the film. We are still working on the film out here. We have been leapfrogging Matthew pretty much since Del Norte. Filming some incredible landscape, really roughed terrain and colorful locals. Matthew interacting with some of the local people, places and things along the way has been priceless. Speaking of Hunter, if you want to check out something he has worked on that is similar, check out www.10mph.com. We are kickin it here in Pie Town. Having some pie. Having a milkshake. Its getting pretty hot outside. We are going to continue leapfrogging and following Matthew to the finish line, which he told us would probably be tomorrow night some time. We’ll see how that goes. After that we’ll start working our way back North, and checking with some of people. Its been great still being out of the route even though I bailed back in Montana. Still getting to see the beauty and the terrain and everything else. So having a good old time. I’ll check in later with everybody.


Glad to hear....

your doing well~! Sounds like your getting some great footage, can't wait to see it!

Way to go

I look forward to seeing all the footage and hearing everyone's stories..............should be a GREAT film!!!
Love you, Mom

Pie Time

Hey Mike, Sounds like you have had an awesome adventure. These leaderboards and websites and visits have been better than any National Geographic article I have read in a long time. I know you got some beautiful shots of God's country. Looking forward to seeing some of you guys at the finish line. I know Mary has had quite a growing experience and some of us can only experience it through you guys pictures and letters. Enjoy NM, Stay safe, and carry on. PS Have you gotten any empanadas yet?

Sam Hughes in Hachita, New Mexico

Whatever you do, don't miss meeting Sam Hughes in Hachita, NM. He is a CDT Trail Guide and Angel. He also shares his yard and small home in Hachita with GDMBR cyclists too. He also makes the trip between Antelope Wells and Deming or Lordsburg to ferry CDT hikers or GDMBR cyclists. He has lived and worked all over the world, but he makes Hachita his home. He has a funny business card that might give you the wrong impression until you meet him and discover his heart of pure gold. He is an American gem. On his card his telephone number is listed as (505) 436-2662, but I think the area code may have been recently changed to (575). He lives on Avenue B. He'll restore your faith in the goodness of people. We stayed there on our way north on the GDMBR on May 23rd.

Switching Gears

You didn't so much bail in Wyoming as switch gears. There is a higher order & you were tuned into it. You took a great leap of faith last April leaving Corporate America to pursue your dream of both riding the GDR & filming the ride, race, people & places along the way. It was a big dream. And you faced it undaunted. When I wondered if you could do it all; train, pull together resources and a film crew, magically things began to unfold confirming to me that your dream would manifest. When pursuing your dreams you can't be too attached to the outcome. You have to go with the flow. I know it was a painful decision for you to pull out of the race, but in hindsight you did what was necessary to further the best enfoldment of the dream as a whole. I believe your own experience, that of your fellow riders and what the film will portray has been deepened by your ability to tune in. I am both humbled and inspired by you and eternally grateful to have you in my life.

In Love,

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