More Bike Repairs needed for Stephen Gleasner

Racer update about:
Hello Steve Gleasner calling from Absolute Bikes. I did not depart at 10 o’clock. I’m still here. It is after 10. That little interruption by the mechanic was saying that my rear wheel is splitting in half so I’m replacing that. That’s the gist of it.. (recorder time: 2008-07-04 11:13:40 EST)


More Rim Issues!

I just posted some pictures on my blog ( of Dominik's rear wheel, which was splitting in half as well. I hope it is not contagious. I'm glad you found it before you left Salida. Excellent work Absolute Bikes! Good luck Stephen, and good luck to all the TD and GDR racers. You are all awesome!!!

Bob Morgan

spoons and forks

This is your fan's from Macks Inn campground. Just checking to see if the spoon and fork are holding up better than the bike? We have followed you since we got home. No doubt here, that you will make it. It was fun to learn about this crazy race and see how dedacated you all are. Good luck the rest of the way. We will be watching you finish. Mary is not that for in front. Go get her. Wilma

Go get 'em Steve!

I'd turn you a new wheel, but don't know if you'd prefer baltic birch plywood, cubic zirconium, or bubinga. Good Luck!

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