Just four (4) days to Race Start........ During the race, don't forget to check out for the latest audio recordings of the racers call-ins. These recordings will also be transcribed and posted on this website daily. Racers can call in as frequent or as few times as they want to report their progress along the route. All racers should call in at least at the US Border, Steamboat Springs and the Mexican Border. Follow along with the Leadboard, read the Racer's call-in report, then listen to their voice recordings for the full race coverage. I'll be typing the Racer call-ins. My husband, Ardie and I biked the Great Divide last year and he is racing it this year. Best of luck to everyone racing. May good weather follow you along the way. Sherry O. a/k/a Crash07



way cool hopfully I can be clearer then last year Dave Nice (slowerthensnot)

Sweet. Racers please try to

Sweet. Racers please try to leave information about where you are and what time it is when you call in. I know perfectly logical and hysterical messages will be planned in your heads, but it doesnt always come out that way.

Ardie Olson

GO ARDIE!!!!! Mom and everyone in Brooksville, Florida wish you the best of luck.



I'm looking forward to following all the racers in their quest for 2711 miles worth of glory.

Good luck to everyone!!!!

Good luck to everyone!!!! We will be watching every turn of the wheels back here in Kentucky. Go, Kevin Hall!!! Keep in touch!!!

Kevin's Mom

Tour de Vide

Good luck to everyone! I can't imagine even attempting this feat. Keep the rubber side down. Go Ardie!

Goooooo Ardie

Go Uncle Ardie!
Best of luck to all racers

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