No Thai for Stephen Gleasner

Racer update about:
Steve Gleasner in Rawlins. Its about 5 o’clock on Sunday. I was recommended a Thai restaurant when I was coming into town by some hikers who were heading out on the trail. So I had a whole thing in my head going on for the past 20 miles out there in 90 degree heat coming off the blacktop about Thai food and how that would be really fine. . Thai food is closed on Sunday and so is everything else I try to do. I finally got at Pita roll-up and that seemed to suffice, but it wasn’t Thai. Going to wait out the heat a little bit then get a couple more miles. Wait for it to cool off and camp down the road. Until next time, bye. (recorder time: 2008-06-29 17:54:54 EST)



Sherry. I am thinking you are the wife that Stephen is missing so much. We met him at the campground at Macks in Idaho last week. Glad to see is is no longer in last place and hot on the heels of that girl that passed him! We had a very nice visit and found the whole race thing very interesting. He is a eather very brave or just stupid. I think the first. You may diagree. He was very much missing you and the kids. Said he even cryed at times. I am interested in watching him finish this and will be checking in now that we are home from our week at Mack's Inn. My bet is he finishes. I am interested in his art also as our son is an artest of some repute. He worked for Halmark for 12 years and now fee lances. You may want to look him up at Mike or Paint Utah .com not sure what he is using right now. Stephens work is suprising and very unusunal. He gets a thumbs up from me. Well this got long but wanted to let you no he has fans in Utah. Good luck all of you. Tell him I hope the plastic spoon and fork are holding up, Wilma

Wilma, My husband is also

Wilma, My husband is also racing. He is Ardie Olson. I'm typing everyone's blogs. I'm sure Stephen's wife and children will be so happy to see your message. Stephen's call ins are always entertaining. He is strong and steady and I have no doubt that he'll finish. Sherry O.


To everyone out there in the real world - Stephen Gleasner has always either been very annoying or extremely entertaining. I should know, I'm his sister. The whole bit about Thai food had me laughing off the chair. Moving right along to the pita roll up. I know Steve misses his family, they are a close unit. Loved the report off his son winning a ribbon in a bike race he entered in Maine.
I'm still telling everyone about my brother. Much of the response is, "He's 47 years old? Is he in shape? He's riding on the Great what? Is he crazy? Yes - to all - he's completely outta here.

Love ya Bro ~ Sue

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