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This is Sherry Olson. Now that all of the race is complete, I'm signing off. I enjoyed typing the blogs and getting to know the racers along their journey. It kept me involved as I missed my husband, Ardie, while he was racing. Thanks to everyone who helped me during this process, especially, Joe Polk from MTBCAST and Derek Moore from SPOT. I biked the trail from Banff to Antelope Wells in 2007 and it was great reliving parts of it as the race reports came in. The trail is great, the Tour Divide Race is great and there was a great community of racers who took part in 2008. Take care, Sherry O.


Thanks Sherry


Thanks for your hard work with all this. You were so integral to keeping the spirit up and thanks for hangin in there for almost a month to see me and Steve in. Keep the wheels turnin' and I'm sure we'll be in touch.


Just to say Hi

Dear Sherry,

I've enjoyed watching the race through the blogs from North Georgia, glad that Ardie did so well, and awestruck at the whole thing. I'm training for the 3 gap this fall and rode to the top of Neils Gap above Cleveland this morning. It's great to see that Mary and Steve completed their missions today, I"ve been watching. Thanks to all, come to North Georiga in September for the race. Take care, Marci

Thank you Sherry,

Sherry thank you for a month of enjoyment. Your promptness of getting the blogs up was fantastic. Without you following the race wouldn't have been as enjoyable. Following the race is as close as I will get I am sure. Happy trails.

Thanks so much for keeping

Thanks so much for keeping us all up to date. Since discovering the great divide race last year and now to add the tour divide this has become my favorite sporting event to "watch". Sherry and the whole reporting/blog crew did great, the race was fantastic. thanks to everyone. Since I live near the north end of the trail, I just might have to get more involved next year. Need Help?

Good work

To you sherry, and to joe polk and the spot people. You brought it to life this year with a great piece of journalism. Timely and exciting. Jjwoot

Great job!! Many thanks

Great job!! Many thanks from Texas.

thank you

Hi Sherry,
I'm a friend of Matthew Lee, and initially came to the site to track his progress. The more blog postings I read, the more I got caught up in the adventure of ALL the riders (woo hoo, Mary, you rock!). Thanks so much for all of your work--riding the Divide vicariously was great fun (and now Matt will probably talk me into doing the real thing!). Tod


Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work Sherry. I enjoyed following the race AND solving all the math problems in order to post a comment.


Thanks Sherry

I'm a friend of Steve Gleasner's and was following his progress day by day. Okay...... hour by hour. I really appreciate all the work you did in transcribing all of the call ins. It was nice to be able to read about what each of the racers were thinking about as they made their way south.

Thank you

Thank you Mary. You did a great job with transcribing our phone calls. Really nice of you to do this.


Thanks for all of your hard work and for putting life to those blue spots. Your transcribing the phone calls was very helpful to get the feelings and stories of the riders. Hearing the call ins was nice as well.
So between seeing the dots, reading your posts and hearing the call ins, you all made it very tough to step away from the computer for any length of time. lol
Good job all of you! Thanks for what you have done for the race, the riders and the families.

Great event, most

Great event, most interesting thing that I tuned into, "Media" or othewise, in a very long time. Maybe the World cup or something was the last thing.

The SPOT helped make it come alive. Do SPOT again next year, thx. Very entertaining.

thanks for your hard work.

thanks for your hard work. definitely much mor interesting to read a racers call transcribed than a summary like the GDR page.

Thanks again Sherry!

Thank you

Thank you for keeping up with the call-in blogs. It was really nice of you to take the time to do this. It was really interesting reading about everyone's progress and it helped make it more personal. I'm Brendan and Mary's friend, the shirt printer. Looks like people enjoyed the shirt, and I'm really glad to be a part of all this, even though it was a very minor part. Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.

110% blog Award!

Words can't express my appreciation for your efforts! You are awesome. I look forward to crossing trails again in the future. God bless and take care.

Many Thx!!

Sherry, thankx much! Your blogs keep Hunter and myself in touch with the riders when we couldn't find them... We enjoyed making a movie about this great race and hope to have a viewing party on top of Richardson Pass, LOL!!!

Thank you

Dear Sherry:

Thank you for your hard work and dedication for transcribing the many posts from all of the riders. The blog not only helped me follow Mary and her progress but engaged me with all of the other riders. If I had known that Felix was going to arrive in Antelope Wells without a cheering section and someone to pack him up and get him back to Colorado I would have been there for sure! Everyone of these incredible riders deserve that celebration and respect. I'm immensely proud that I know someone who has accomplished this feat and it inspires me to establish new goals and challenges for myself.

Thank you again for your hard work.


Darren Schilling


Hi Sherry,

I'm a friend of Steve Gleasner and really appreciate the work you put in transcribing all the call-ins. I subscribed to the RSS feed of the blog, and it was just great to have the rider's words come in throughout the day. You really put in a lot of time to do this, and I know it meant a great deal to everyone following the race.

Thanks again,


Many thanks


Know that I truly appreciated your well run blog and that effort you put forth to maintain a high level of service to all who were drawn to the enchantment of the race. This was a true act of love.


Thanks, Sherry!

Thanks for transcribing all the call-ins. I read every one and really appreciate it. Everyone involved in the TD this year did a fantastic job. Great race, racers, and site organization. The tracking was amazing as well. Thanks for the tracking devices for the racers, SPOT!

Amazing job,


thank you

Thank you for your hard work and effort to put up this blog. I have enjoyed reading it every morning. I have ridden parts of the trail and admire the racers very much and you have given be an oppurtunity to imagine being part of this challenge. Once again thank you very much.


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