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Everybody's here for the start but Steve McGuire. We hope he'll join our general classification a bit later on but for now he's busy in Iowa saving his home and his neighbor's homes from the high waters plaguing that region. It was a selfless decision to remain on the sandbagged homefront by a guy with a heart of gold. We wish his family the best in the coming weeks and months. We'll be thinking of him while we're out there on our challenge that almost seems to pale in comparison.

Picture of Racers Meeting.

race start 044.jpg2.02 MB


Go Stephen!!

I just finished a week long wood turning workshop with Stephen Gleasner last week and learned of his mtn bike trek. What an amazing race and it sure puts all the mtn bike races I have done to shame by FAR!!

Good luck everyone and I'll be checking in here often!

Chris from Maine

Good Luck Stephen!

Stephen delivered our eggs while he was out riding last week! We're looking forward to watching his progress!

Good luck to all,


Tour Divide

Best of luck to all and may the weather gods shine favorably on you in search of the mexican border!

Looking forward to all the reports and hearing of nothing but good fortune on your journey south. If you see my family in Colorado say hi!

U Can Do It Mary

Mary we have the faith in you. You can do it. If you can survive growing up with 5 sibs you can survive anything. You will be the first woman to ever conquer the Tour Divide race. See you in Antelope Wells. Love ya sis. :) P.S. Show your nieces women can do anything.

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