Stephen Gleanser's Ice Cream Saga

Racer update about:
Hello this is Steve Gleasner calling in from Horca, just south of Platoro. Its about 3 o’clock. I was just about to have an ice cream when I realized that they whole thing had been melted in a funny shape and I took it back to the retail clerk, who was I think was 8, I kid you not, playing with his video game. He said "No sir, that’s shell". I told him he can keep it. But anyway I’m without ice cream. Apparently everything in Horca is melted and they are claiming that is the way it is supposed to be. So Steve Gleanser is down the road with no ice cream and leaving a confused little boy at the register. Here we go bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-06 16:15:08 EST)


put that ice cream down and Hammer!

... Mary's right in front of you. :-)


I'd have slurped it down

I think if I was in your shoes, I'd have slurped it down!

I'd have probably reasoned that it was seconds from melting in my stomach anyway and the carbs would come in handy on the way up La Manga Pass.


Have fun in the Brazos my man.


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