Stephen Gleasner ~ laundry, its a public service

Racer update about:
Good morning, this is Racer 4, Steve Gleasner calling in from Steamboat. Got in late last night after a run from South of Rawlins, about 20 miles. Camped out of town then made the run into Steamboat. I’m out the KOA doing laundry as a public service to the rest of the world. It has been a while. Lost track. I feel like I’m at a confessional. “How long has it been since you did your laundry, my son?” Well anyway, I’m going to be here for a little while. I’ve got to go to bike shop, get some groceries, get my laundry dry then hit the road again, then On The Road Again. There it is. Racer 4, Steve Gleasner, signing out, good day. (recorder time: 2008-07-01 09:56:07 EST)


Riding with Andy

Hey Stephen----Way to go brother on your attempt of this race,I'm a friend of Andy's and I saw you were together and now it looks as though Andy's still back in Steamboat! Any word my friend? Thank you.

Andy + Steve = shred time

So, the way I figure- you guys get ta' pedallin', double time it up to Mary, then the three of you proceed to kick @$$ & take names all the way down to Antelope Wells. Sound good?

Scooter- I'm guessing Andy gave Steve a head start, maybe taking in the sights in SS? He's got *fresher* legs, so he might figure he can catch up.


Andy's legs

Andy's legs are the bomb-just big ol' logs! All those years of skiing Heavenly and Sun Valley tree chutes and open bowls! It would be THICK and Large has got a big smile on his face working it finding the freshies days after the fact.I hope that's the case and he can get some vert on his bike.

OK - this sounds like the

OK - this sounds like the Stephen I know. You must be feeling good. Ride on my friend.

On behalf of the rest of the

On behalf of the rest of the world, we thank you for doing your laundry. Keep your wheels turning. You're doing great.

almost there.

Way to go Stephen! Your little yellow tag is not at all far behind the others. The Lanterne Rouge is almost yours.

almost there

You can do it. Been ridin' with the Bubbas, you know that routine. Lots of humid, sweaty rocks and roots here these past 2 weeks. You are not missin' much.

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