Stephen Gleasner Makes his Goal and is Headed Home to his Family

Racer update about:

Hello Steve Gleasner calling in from El Paso Airport. I finished this morning at Antelope Wells 3:37. It had rained on the Hwy 81 just before we took off to go there, the road was wet and the toads were sitting in the warm water. Parade of cactus, moonscapes, clouds moving and these toads looking at us instead of cows for once. They call it the lonely highway, I believe. It goes on for the longest flattest stretch certainly that I have ridden for the last month. It was wonderful to decompress going down that highway and it was wonderful to be done this morning. I could not have done this without Illya my wife, Clark and Meg. This gift is huge. What you have done is at least as hard as what I’ve done. I just want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to do this thing. It means a lot of me. I’ll figure out what exactly that is as the future unfolds. The race was all I could have asked for and more. It will be filtering through my brain for as long as I live. I feel honored to follow the tire tracks that I’ve followed. I feel honored to have rubbed elbows with the racers that I rubbed elbows with. I’ll write more about it in the future as I sort it out. I’m flying home to see my family. Looking forward to being back in ME and especially seeing Illya, Clark and Meg. Down the Road., this is Steve Gleasner. Chow.

(recorder time: 2008-07-13 09:50:01 EST)


Wife's Name & 30 Day Goal

Hey, somebody reply to this e-mail and give me the correct spelling of his wife's name and I'll correct this blog. Couldn't make it out on the recording.

Also, I had read several articles about Stephen's goals during this race and he promised his wife he'd be done in 30 days. Good job Stephen! Congratulations on a great ride, I'll miss typing your blogs. They are always entertaining.

Sherry O.

Wife's Name

Stephen’s wife’s name is Illya and, as one can easily guess, she is as amazing as he is! Congratulations to them both!

Awesome riding Stephen!

Awesome riding Stephen! It's monumental what you accomplished. Great to have met you.

To Stephen and all the

To Stephen and all the Riders... Great job, you all inspire.

And thanks to the families that helped and allowed for this exploration, this adrenaline fix isn't that at all, we Mountain Bikers see it as a mind / body challenge and an opportunity to test our limits in a controlled environment. Thank you.


This has been a very interisting month. Thanks for introducing me to the Tour. I rode along with you and the rest of the gang and enjoyed all of it. Even said a prayer for you now and then. I will be watching for your written account of this very intence race. I feel like I know everyone that finished. Thanks to your family too. You and Mary coming in together in the middle of the night was a grand finish. Glad I met you at Macks. Wilma

what a great finish

It was really good hanging with you a bit on that last day- at the I-10 store, then out the car window as you were bringing it home on that night, toads & lightning and all.
I'm looking forward to your reflections as you sort it out- though it may never be completely sorted.


A fine finish

Stephen , Great determination , those little cans of rocket fuel you kept drinking and stellar route finding kept you on the high road to finishing . Awesome job on finishing in time to make your flight home . I hope to send you some pictures from the trip soon .

Nice Push!

Steve Congrads on your accomplishment. I wish I could have stuck it out like you Awesome accomplishment!!!!!!! I can't wait to read your reflections. It was fun and interesting to follow you throughout the race.


Congrats Stephen!! Can't wait to read what you write about your adventure. Glad it was all you wanted and more. I'll email you at home sometime in week or two, as you probably won't have time for a while or probably have a TON of emails built up.

Stephen Gleasner, on the trail

We met Stephen as he was crossing through Wyoming along the Trail in the foothills of the Wind River mountain range. He was working his way through the Rainbow Family of Living Light pilgrimage to the Big Sandy and we were a haven for him to stop and camp after getting through that chaotic day of Rainbows and "federales". Our humble horseback camp welcomed Stephen's philosophical approach to his endeavor and we were glad we could offer him a place to be overnight. His goal of finishing in 30 days was bold and we are glad to hear he made it; it sounds as if just finishing this race is a huge accomplishment. Congratulations Stephen from your Wyoming horse camp friends!

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