Stephen Gleasner Clarifies Horca Ice Cream Story

Racer update about:
Hello this is Stephen Gleasner broadcasting from the WalMart at Grants. Windy day in the desert coming from Abiquiu, I think. Its about 7 o’clock. Mary is changing to Slime Tubes and we are restocking supplies at the WalMart then we are going to head out towards Pie Town tonight and get some of that knocked out as soon as the wind dies down. Wanted to clarify some things about the ice cream debacle and the little kid that I gave such a hard time to. It may have sounded like that it wasn’t really a fair thing of me, this grown idiot in bike clothes, looks like a gyrocopter pilot from a Mad Max movie, comes in and starts demanding refund and exchange of his ice cream. It was one of those vanilla things on a stick that dipped in chocolate. The thing that I got he said “the shell is on it sir”. The shell was in there by the turtle had crawled out. There was no stick, it was completely encompassed with the ice cream. There was really no way to open it. I hope people didn’t think that I was being unreasonable with a small child who is forced to run a register by his parents in Horca, or whatever the name of that town was. So now that that is resolved, that was bugging me out in the desert. Down the road towards Pie Town and we’ve heard possibly no Pie and we are not going to set our expectations for it, we are just going to see what happens in Pie Town. Waiting for the wind die and heading out of town. (recorder time: 2008-07-09 20:14:03 EST)


Ice cream?

Man, I'm glad you cleared that one up Steve.

You need to hear what Felix Wong is going through. Sounds like you're on another planet.

Ride hard, drink coffee, eat ice cream.

I was wondering if people were wondering about that story...

What a job you're doing Steve!. Looking forward to seeing you back soon.

Amazing Ride

Good to hear from you, Steve. Thanks for clearing up? the missing ice cream incident. No one at the shop could figure that one out! I hope there will be pictures and full documentation that substantiate your position.

Seriously, keep the motors running & thoughts a-flowing, and gravitate to the next epiphany on this amazing ride. Thanks for the inspiration.



You actually thought that WE THOUGHT that you were a jerk?????

With everything going on in your life right now you are concerned about THAT as you pedal through the freaking desert????

That is hilarious!

Steve, you're killing me, man!


I am literally laughing out loud right now.

Oh, man. That is HILARIOUS!

I can't stop laughing.

I am going to be laughing about this for a couple of days. It's just too funny.


Turtle done crawled out

Mr. G-
It appears that you too have jettisoned the turtle as you kick some serious arse on this ride. We're all pulling for you. Bubbas, Ad-man and other nefarious sorts that you've been known to be known to be up for a ride with. Can't wait to have you back on the Mid-coast for that special Gleasner jocularity and, yes, maybe eventually a gentle climb up to the summit of Pleasant!

Your fiend,
The other Mr. G

P.S. Don't freak Mary out with your hill-climb cartoon ramblings. She's been good to you.

Oh yeah

I scream, you scream, we all scream for...
virtual blue flag advancing down jagged red line,
lungs, legs, heart, head, tires, shocks, saddle
as one, a dirt-encrusted entity progressing
in a neat teardrop on the computer screen,
a Ulysses of ones and zeroes, unbelievable
yet palpable, myth builder, myth buster...
ride on!

the big ride

We've been checking the leader board everyday since you started.You are fabulous! Ride on. Ride on.

It's great to know your sense of humor is intact

Been watching your dot every day and wanted to let you know how amazing this is!!

Your existence is beyond certified at this point - You ride therefore you are.

Ice Cream can be that way, you gotsta watch out for the stickless ones. It makes it really hard to make a rubberband/popsicle stick clicker thingy that goes on your back wheel as you get to the border.

Have a great last few hundred.


Possible Further Clarification of Ice Cream Story

What you are accomplishing goes beyond awesome! Here’s hoping that you will especially enjoy the last miles. Sitting here in front of a PC, in far, far less demanding circumstances, it’s much easier to delve into the ice cream mystery. It says a lot about your character that this issue weighed so heavily on your mind when so many other issues must have been screaming for your attention. A few information fragments seem to fit together to suggest a possible explanation for the young boy’s remark. Messages called in by other bikers in that region included references to heat and hell. (One translation of the Spanish word “horca” is “pitchfork”.) Could the young boy have said “...that’s hell” rather that “...that’s shell”? True, one wouldn’t expect such language from an 8 year old, but as a resident of such a town, he might have blurted it out in sympathy for you and your situation. I’m sure he was not offended. This interpretation reinforces your comment that “Apparently everything in Horca is melted and they are claiming that is the way it is supposed to be.” Peace, bro, and keep your V-Twin rolling.

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