Stephen Gleasner tanking up with Rocket Fuel for the Final Stretch

Racer update about:
Hello this is Steve Gleasner. Running Sweep. Its Saturday about 12:20. I’m Silver City. It is a fine day. Looks like a good to push through. I’ve got some DQ food in me. Mocha Moolata. Satisfying ice cream experience. For those of you keeping track if I’m satisfied or not with my ice cream, this was a good experience. Wasn’t spilled or ruined in any way, shape or form. I’m going to stock up on some groceries. I’m going to try that JATO Rocket Booster Kit again from Acme and see if it gets me to the Border. I feel like I have a little bit of energy today. Going to try to leave it all trailside. We are down the road Next call will probably be Antelope Wells whenever I can get there. Down the road. Bye, bye. (recorder time: 2008-07-12 13:25:25 EST)



wow, you rock gleasner. have a good ride to the finish. i'll buy you a root beer float when you get home.


Five Bucks Says...

... he stops for ice cream at the Bowlin's Conti Divide store at the I-10 crossing!


Stephen G,
We have been beaming you all the way today. Congratulations!

15 miles to go!

Wow - just woke up and see that you have about 15 miles to go. Just amazing. I wish I could see the two of you come in.6


Looks like your blue dot just hit the border. Wish I could have been there with the luxury RV, 2 Harleys and a warm beer. But such is life.

Big stuff my friend. Congrats to you and Mary for getting it done. Talk with you soon.


All I can say is...

nice work, you silly man.

Great, Stephen

We knew you could do it. We are immensely proud of you and we love you to pieces. mom and dad

fantastic! woke up to see

woke up to see you did it - but no blue dot?
I think there better be a party here when you get back... with ice cream!
well done - an inspiration and the story of the summer

Well Done

What a ride for the final push. Welcome back to the world of the softies. (Yes, and that could mean ice cream, too.) I am exhausted from just watching the blue dot and hearing the stories.

Well done, Steve.



Time to change your email address!

Well Done? Heck , Awesome 2motors! Time to change that email address to jetpackjohnny@iwillbehome fursupperhoney.done ...... back chilly northwoods for you my friend... and a well earned rest!


Wait till you read the poem yo mama wrote about the Tour! Congrats from B & S.

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