There is Pie in Pie Town Today

Racer update about:
Hello this is Steve Gleasner calling in from Pie Town, its about 1:30 on Thursday. I hear that there is some weather coming up. Record flooding Silver City and so forth. I’m trying to ignore that information because it is not very helpful. We are about to head out. Mary is with me. We are having lunch at the Pie O’Neer Café. This is an unusual treat. We were kind of expecting that we weren’t going to get Pie, but we are getting Pie. Down the road right after this. Trying to make as much time by the time weather comes. My goal is to be on a plane on Saturday, at 6PM flying out of El Paso. So I’m trying to crank it up to get that done. Its going to be tight even with good weather. Not sure what is going to happen, but I’ll keep you apprised as to my situation. Down the Road. (recorder time: 2008-07-10 14:27:06 EST)


The "Getting Pie in Pie Town" award

It sounds to me like there should be an award for managing to do this! Hope it was good. I imagine that anything taste good at this point...

let go of deadlines steve

el paso saturday isn't going to happen. you still have two big days to the finish. fly standby, enjoy the balance of the route. maybe monday flights are possible, esp. if bad weather is impending.

go guys go

Be safe, my friend. You'll

Be safe, my friend. You'll get there when you get there. Enjoy the ride. You're doing great. The Florida contingent is all pulling for you.

You can do it!

Even if it takes a little more time and it may not. You will be back with that wife and those kids you were missing very soon, with a world of material for that book. So proud of you and your persistance. Glad you are riding with Mary, you will keep each other going. Boy I am amazed at this race. Take your tracker home so we can see you all the way. You are a great artist and biker, be proud. You have made me a fan of the Tour-Devide. I may never meet another biker but I will be watching again next year. Macks Inn Wilma

Ride the bevel...

I kind of forgot about this. Been busy finishing dining chairs and tables. Good to hear you are nearing the end of the journey. I can't wait to read any writings you submit concerning your ride. Keep us posted! I might have to subscribe to DirtRag again if they are going to publish your adventure.

Hey, I turned a bowl today in mahogany. Don't tell CFC. I'll get in trouble! I think of it as biomass recycling though, as I am only using offcuts from the custom door industry. I won't by new lumber for that kind of thing.

PS: Ride that bevel, all the way to the end!!!

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