Tour Divide T-Shirts

Yesterday, I left a box of T-Shirts at the front door of Border Patrol with a note to Tim to give them to each TD Finisher or leave them out for the finishers to get. The T-Shirt was Brendan Collier's idea and I pitched in some. The T-shirt has the route, names of all 2008 racers and Stamstad's now-famous quote "We are the normal ones". Attached is a photo. Matthew, I'm mailing a yellow one to you. Over the next couple of weeks, we will also mail one to the racers who won't make it to Antelope Wells and to our TD buddy, Joe Polk. It's just a little something from 2 Tour Divide Spouses. T-shirt Image



Sherry, that's very generous of you and Brendan. I'm touched, as I'm sure others will be too. Hunter and Anthony of the doc crew, among others, are deserving as well. Perhaps a re-run will be in order. I imagine John will want one and I would personally like to send one to Mike C and Pete B to remind them that rolling from Banff is normal. It was great to have John speak at our pre-race meeting and pace-ride us out of the NP on opening day. The shirt will reinforce that for him.

Thanks for all your support and hard work this year. It's not easy racing and organizing. You made it look that way for us.


Sherry and Matt you two have run such a smooth operation you truly have made it look too easy. I know from experience that strong leadership takes a ton of organization and paying attention to detail; however the end result is so satisfying, making everyone look good and everything run smooth. Hats off to everyone especially you two. The mixture of past and present was all first class.

Normal Ones

For those who weren't at the race meeting- or the quote "We are the normal ones;" John Stamstad was there, talking about the "normality" of ultra-endurance racing, the drive to ride farther & farther... it was quite touching.


Nice shirt

It was very touching to get to the end and receive a shirt with our names on it and the Great Divide Route. You guys are really awesome!!! You have taken such good care of us out there, there was nothing left for us to do but ride our bikes and have fun. Thank you so much for such an awesome race. This has been an incredible experience. So many incredible emotions, so many incredible moments. I would love to ride the TD again of course, but don't think I can live through it twice. So awesome !!! I will leave it to the next generation of riders, and hope it will always stay free, self-supported and independent.

Adrian Stingaciu

Random Acts Of Kindness

I am not worthy of this kindness and sentiment . sherry and matt both of you have brought an amazing amount of energy and commitment to this years tour I for one am truly appreciative of all your hard work . Having Mr. Stamstad give us the ultimate pep talk and send off was unexpected and very inspiring , every morning and evening I would think back to what he had to say about all scenarios that could possibly happen but I could never remember what he said about depression . when you ride for 8 ,10 , 12 , hours a day you can come up with a cure for just about everything in the world and forget it when you roll into a town late at night when hunger is driving you on . Brendan I truly hope to meet you and Mary on some trail in the future because that would be a wonderful surprise for me . Everybody that I have ridden with and met on this years ride will be remembered tour divide , gdr , road tourers , and gdmbr tourers . I will wear my shirt with much pride and humility .



OK, I've rounded up everyone's address for mailing shirts except Andy and Reuben. Please go into the SPOT homepage for the tour and type in your mailing address under additional information and I'll get it from there so you don't have to post it on the web.

Sherry O.

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